Giving Dad the Priceless Gift of Time for Father's Day

If you’re a gift-buying procrastinator, most of these ideas won’t cost you a dime.

by posted on June 18, 2022
Yackley Fathers Day Andrew And Mark With Shotgun

What do you do for your dad on Father’s Day when you are a procrastinating planner? Well, if your dad loves firearms, here are a few ideas that are low- or no-cost and will give the gift of your time. Some of these ideas don’t cost a dime; you just need to invest your time. But they are priceless in their meaning.

Go to the Range!

  • Shoot a round of sporting clays, trap, skeet—whatever it is that Dad likes to do.
  • Take Dad to a local match or league night—any day!
  • Go plinking and shoot some long range.
  • Build and test out a new AR.
  • Work on hunting reloads for the fall season.
  • If you have a place to do this, take your shotguns and throw some clays for each other. Invite the family or Dad’s best friend and create your own little competition. Find some chairs and a shady spot and let everyone take turns.

Go Shopping!

  • Take Dad to your local FFL or gun shop and window shop. Test fire or rent guns. If your dad is thinking about buying a new gun, this might be the perfect opportunity to try it out.
  • If your dad has been encouraging you to get your concealed carry gun, tell him you want his help deciding what to purchase.
  • Go shopping online. Bring Dad dinner and tell him you want his help researching which gun you are going to buy for your hunting trip, etc.

Prepare for Hunting Season
Between the Thanksgiving holiday and the fall weather variations, it can be tough to find time to prep the deer stand. Take time now with your dad to take care of this task. For instance:

  • Mow or trim brush, or even plant a food plot!
  • Check your duck blinds for needed repairs.
  • Clean or repair any decoys that need attention.
  • Scout new areas to hunt.

Make Some Memories
Visit with your dad and clean guns, or go over the gun safe. I see this going two ways:

1. Family Memories
While helping Dad clean guns seems like an overly simple idea, it can be a great time to learn more about your dad’s treasured firearms or family heirlooms that you previously hadn’t paid attention to. Taking the time to learn some family history could be an invaluable gift to him. The memories we make are what gives value to material objects, so make some new memories with your dad by asking him to share his memories.

2. Preparedness
Make sure Dad is set up in preparedness and personal defense. Help him organize his gun and ammo storage. Clean a few things, maybe hit the range and function-fire for fun afterward. If Mom or Grandma don't usually get into “gun stuff,” invite them to be part of your gift and take the time to do a little family readiness, making sure the whole family has a home-defense plan, which includes making sure tools are organized and in place.

Family First
You probably won’t have to ask your dad twice to do any of these things. They are probably things he’s wanted you to ask for years, and you’ll be thankful you took time to make memories with him while connecting over something he enjoys. Sharing what we love about firearms with our family first is the surest way to pass down traditions and appreciation for what it means to own firearms.


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