How to Determine Your Ideal Concealed Carry Position

Whether your body is stick straight or fabulously curvy, this video will guide you on finding your ideal carry position—even if it's the appendix position!

posted on September 28, 2022

Whether they refer to a mountainous landscape, or proverbially about one’s career or life, the words “peaks and valleys” describe the high points and low points of each.

But your body also has peaks and valleys, physical ones that you should acknowledge—and use to your advantage—if you have decided to carry a concealed handgun. Because when it comes to carrying, the goal is to ensure that you can do so discreetly, safely and comfortably. Much like with firearms, which should be selected based on what is right for you, the same principle should be applied when figuring out your ideal concealed-carry location.

But how do you know what is right for you, and what constitutes a proper holster fit on your body as opposed to just a fit to which you have simply adapted?

That’s where our friends Sarah and Jon Hauptman from PHLster Holsters come in with this very educational video on finding your ideal carry position. Without body shaming and without discouraging anyone who may have a few more peaks than valleys in their critical carry region, they walk through the fundamentals of the optimal carry position, tell you how to identify and embrace your peaks and valleys, as well as how to find your own “sweet spot” for concealment—even if you want to appendix carry!

Sarah and Jon also walk through some advantages and disadvantages of certain carry positions, as well as other matters relating to holsters. Watch it here, and then begin your journey to comfortable and safe concealed carry.

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