Look Out, It’s Great Outdoors Month!

June is the month summer begins, so kick it off with some acts of service to keep our planet preserved for generations to come.

by posted on June 10, 2022
Snake River Idaho

Including gems like National Trails Day, National Get Outdoors Day and even the longest day of the year, Great Outdoors Months offers a lot of motivation to get outside during the month of June and beyond.

While most of us probably enjoy the outdoors every month of the year in some fashion, Great Outdoors Month is about more than just partaking in outdoor activities. It encourages acts of service, donations and appreciation for all of the maintenance, hard work and dedication it takes to keep our lands in good condition.

The month kicks off on the first Saturday in June with National Trails Day. While the American Hiking Society hosts events across the country, you can celebrate solo, too. Try recruiting friends and family to clean up your local trails or make a donation to the National Park Service, American Hiking Society or a local park or organization dedicated to trail maintenance. Always leave it better than you found it every day of the year.

The second Saturday in June is dedicated to National Get Outdoors Day. This day is meant to encourage children and novices to get outside. Check out Melissa Bachman’s suggestions on how to get your family outdoors this spring and summer. Or explore some of these 4 Free Outdoor Destinations. Introducing someone to all the outdoors has to offer isn’t just giving the gift of a hike or bike ride, it could mean a newfound connection to the Earth. The more people invested in outdoor conservation, the better for future generations of people, plants and animals.

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year containing the most daylight hours. The northern states see the longest days; Seattle will receive just shy of 16 hours of sunlight on the solstice. This year, 2024, it will be June 20. The Summer Solstice is also technically the first day of summer, so the days will continue to get shorter from there on out. Take advantage of the start of summer and the longest day of the year by spending as much of it outside as possible, leaving no trace, of course.

Enjoy the rest of Great Outdoors Month, NRA Women!

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