Major American Ammo Makers Donate Millions of Rounds to Ukraine

Following the donation by Ammo Inc., Remington, Federal, Speer and CCI are the latest to give to the war-torn country. 

by posted on March 6, 2022
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Major American ammunition makers continue to donate large quantities of ammo and charitable contributions in an effort to support the Armed Forces in Ukraine.

Last week Ammo Inc. announced that it was responding to Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s plea for ammo, and offered to donate 1 million rounds to assist the country in its continued fight for independence and freedom. Arizona-based Ammo Inc. produces high-performance ammunition and components in its Wisconsin factory. it is also the operator of

CEO Fred Wagenhals said, “Ammo Inc., and we as Americans, stand firmly in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, as we stand for freedom and democracy everywhere. While we fervently hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the crisis and that diplomacy will win the day, we condemn the Russian aggression and its threat to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and freedom. We recognize that events are unfolding rapidly on the ground in Ukraine, and we are prepared to move quickly as possible to support Ukraine as it continues to defend itself and its freedom.” 

Apparently the company’s plea for donations was heard around the country, as Wagenhals announced Ammo Inc. has received remarkable support. “We’ve received an overwhelming response from our shareholders, customers, vendors and partners in support of our donation offer to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in their fight for freedom. I’m grateful for everyone’s generosity and willingness to provide additional financial support to supplement our efforts. The management team is working around the clock to navigate the logistical and legal complexities involved in seeing that the ammunition is swiftly delivered to the proper parties in Ukraine.

“With the folks supporting our Company as shareholders by investing in POWW, it is important to us to make certain we ensure all of our current and incoming shareholders and supporters see their gracious offers to donate directed in real-time to support the brave men, women and children in Ukraine. As a result, we ask that you direct your donations as follows:

CARE (Charity Navigator rating of 92.64 out of 100)

“We will send out supplemental information about Ukrainian support activities and opportunities as they arise, and appreciate your investing support in AMMO which provides the foundation for the work we have been able to do with the Ukrainian people.” 

Also responding to the call for assistance for Ukraine are Remington, Speer, CCI and Federal Ammunition. A press release outlined the plan, announcing the companies will be donating 1 million rounds of total ammo to the Ukraine Armed Forces, while all proceeds from the sale of special edition T-shirts will go to refugees in the war-torn country. The shirts will supplement the company’s donation and maintain awareness of the need for global support of Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine has displaced millions of citizens and exposed average people to the horrors of war,” said Jason Vanderbrink, president of Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal Ammunition. “Supporting the relief effort is a crucial element of the global response and we are proud to do our part. It underscores how critical the Second Amendment is in America and highlights the importance of the ability of American Manufacturers to supply our allies with ammunition. We have long supported Ukrainian armed forces and we will continue to do so in this global cause to unite for democracy.”

Ukraine’s military has been a customer of Federal, CCI and Speer for years and this donation is meant to meet the call from President Zelenskyy for more ammunition. 

Proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts sold on and will go to Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund through the Global Giving organization Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund—GlobalGiving.

Other firearm manufacturers are following the lead. 

Adams Arms is selling "Ukranian Border Guard" T-shirts that have the now infamous words shouted to the Russian invaders at Zmiinyi “Snake” island emblazoned around the Border Guard's emblem. Check it out here. Proceeds will go to the Ukrainian National Bank’s war funds.

Also, the co-founders of ATN Corp. Ukrainian-born Marc Vayn, an American, and co-founder James Munn, a U.S. Army veteran, have added a link for donations to support the people in Ukraine. The company, which also has an office in Odessa, Ukraine, has evacuated many of its staff to Bulgaria or other safe locations, has issued a plea for assistance. "We have staff on the ground near the border and in Bulgaria and are able to bring shipments in quickly through the Ukrainian borders where they are met by volunteers to drive the goods into the fighting zones. If we don't help our Governments will never Act Decisively!!!"


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