Marsha Petrie Sue Honored with 2023's NRA Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award

The honoree is a longtime hunter and angle, dedicating nearly 25 years to wildlife conservation.

by posted on May 1, 2023
Marsha Petrie Sue Sybil Ludington

The 2023 winner of the prestigious NRA Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award is Marsha Petrie Sue. The announcement was made during the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis in April. Her colleagues who serve with her on the NRA Women's Leadership Forum Executive Committee issued their congratulations in the following statement:

"The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum is thrilled to congratulate our very own Marsha Petrie Sue. Marsha is a longtime hunter and angle, dedicating nearly 25 years to wildlife conservation. In addition to her distinguished service on the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Executive Committee, she also is an Arizona Antelope Foundation Life Member, Arizona Deer Association volunteer, Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society conservationist, and past Women’s Outdoor Media Association Chair. Last September, Gov. Doug Due appointed Marsha to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. Congratulations, Marsha!"

On winning the award, Marsha said, "Sybil Ludington gave many the courage to fight for their freedom. I am honored to be recognized by the NRA and the women of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum because that is what we all do. I am truly honored and thank you so much."

Why is it called the NRA Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award?
On the night of April 26, 1777, a wounded messenger barely reached the home of New York militia officer Henry Ludington with desperate news of a British attack on nearby Danbury, Connecticut. Colonel Ludington turned to his 16-year-old daughter, Sybil for help. While he organized the local militia, Sybil mounted her horse and galloped through the night to rally troops in the surrounding countryside. Now to honor her accomplishment and the accomplishments of modern heroines, the NRA bestows the prestigious Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award in her name.

Read more about Sybil Ludington here.

You can see a list of all qualification requirements and how to nominate someone on the nomination form, but at minimum, candidates must have demonstrated two or more of the following qualifications on a national level:

  • National recognition for performance in competitive shooting; dedication to hunting ethics and conservation; or promotion of recreational shooting activities.
  • Educational contributions to advance the purposes and goals of the National Rifle Association including appearances and/or writings of significant national impact to the organization.
  • Meritorious performance under perilous conditions through the lawful use of a firearm in defense of self or others.
  • Dedication to the protection of the Second Amendment through extensive legislative and/or legal contributions that impact the national dialog.
  • Promotions of NRA programs, goals and issues in a volunteer capacity at the national level, that have a recognized positive impact on the organization.

Sybil Ludington bravely rallied her father’s rebel army in the dead of night riding horseback across 40 miles of dangerous territory in 1777. In present day, the NRA commends one strong woman who bravely stands up for our freedoms. She will have a fierce dedication to the Second Amendment and a commitment to the values of the NRA. If you know someone the embodies these qualities, keep this nomination form handy for the 2024 call for nominations.


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