New for 2022: Smith & Wesson Equalizer Micro Compact 9 mm Pistol

The name emblazoned on the new pistol reminds law-abiding citizens that the playing field is always level when it comes to their personal protection

by posted on November 8, 2022
Smith Wesson Equalizer Woman Holding

An oft-quoted phrase when it comes to personal protection goes like this: “God created man, and Samuel Colt made them equal.” Now another iconic name in American firearms, Smith & Wesson, is reminding law-abiding citizens—especially women—that the playing field is always level when it comes to their safety, as it introduces its newest micro 9 pistol, the Equalizer.

The introduction is in keeping with the recently reported trend that more law-abiding citizens are turning to micro 9 mm pistols for concealed carry—a trend toward which women have significantly contributed. And NRA Women should be very excited about this one.

Smith & Wesson says the latest addition to its CCW lineup features “next-gen EZ technology” and low recoil, which piques our interest tremendously, since the manufacturer’s extraordinarily popular M&P EZ380 and M&P EZ9 have earned multiple accolades from nearly all NRA Publications editors, as well as in independent testing with our Ladies Pistol Projects.

The Equalizer features a single-action trigger, which allows for a short take-up, clean break, and fast reset, which we know translates to faster follow-up shots. The slide operates using easy-to-rack technology, and the frame includes a Picatinny-style rail for mounting lights or lasers. What’s more, a new optic cut pattern allows users to mount their choice of sight, while a 3.675” barrel gives a longer sight radius for increased iron sight precision. The Equalizer also features a new grip texture and pattern designed for more control when firing and more comfort when carrying.

"The Equalizer is a total package micro-compact pistol," said John Myles, senior manager of new products for Smith & Wesson. "Its multi-purpose design allows for a variety of setup options for use at the range and/or for personal carry, while not compromising on firepower or comfort." 

Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson;
Action Type: Hammer-fired, single-action semi-automatic
Caliber: 9 mm
Capacity: 10+1 rounds
Frame: Polymer
Slide: Stainless steel
Barrel Length: 3.675 “
Sights: Two-white-dot rear, single-white-dot front; optics cut
Length: 6.75”
Width: 1.04”
Height: 4.5”
Weight: 22.9 ozs.
Accessories: 10-, 13- and 15-round magazines, magazine loader, lock, manual
MSRP: $599

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