New for 2023: 3 Revolvers from Rossi

Featuring three barrel lengths, two finishes, one of the best factory triggers on the market and a price point under $500.

posted on January 25, 2023

For many years, Rossi has been best known for its lever-action and rimfire rifles ... but all of that is changing this year. New for 2023 is a line of Rossi revolvers, chambered in the hard-hitting .357 Magnum. What's great about this chambering in a revolver is that, if you choose to do so, you have the option to load it with much softer-recoiling .38-caliber rounds for range time.

There are three models of wheelgun in the lineup, mainly differentiated by their respective barrel lengths: 3" (perfect for concealed carry), 4" and 6". All three are available in your choice of a stainless steel finish or a flat black, and all three boast Rossi's fantastic factory triggers. They're in stores now! MSRPs begin at $469, depending upon model chosen.


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