New for 2023: Hornady Dual-Lid Lock Box

No more need to play geometric games to stow handgun—or handguns—ammo and magazines in one portable case.

by posted on November 29, 2022
Hornady Dual Lid Lockbox L9

We’ve all done it: played an impromptu game of Tetris when trying to pack a handgun, extra mags and a box or two of ammo in one lock box or soft zippered gun bag. If there’s foam, we remove it to accommodate the extra items, or for soft cases, we force zip them in the same manner we overpack a suitcase. Sometimes it’s successful—but usually yields the same bag-bulge as a suitcase, or we finally concede to carrying a second or third case just to accommodate the necessities for a short range session.

One solution to this minor but common annoyance comes from Hornady, which is giving us a sneak preview of what’s in store for 2023, at least in the way of gun storage. Hornady, which has become equally known for its security products as its ammunition, has created a way to secure two firearms (or a firearm and ammo) in one easy-to-carry lock box.

The Dual-Lid Lock Box allows you to stow two handguns or store a handgun separately from your ammo. Each side has its own separate keyed-alike lid and lock—but with one foldable carrying handle. The 5.5 lb. box is made from 16-gauge steel, and comes with a steel security cable. Dimensions are 11"x10"x2". MSRP is $57.99.

While many manufacturers are still working on late 2022 product releases, Hornady is already giving us a glimpse of some great practical security products it’s promising for 2023. Watch a short video here to see all of the features. For more, visit


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