New for 2023: Smith & Wesson M&P5.7

Small, fast, reliable and a 22-round capacity ... the M&P5.7 might just be your new everyday carry gun!

by posted on January 17, 2023
SW 57 2023

Smith & Wesson is kicking off 2023 with some remarkable innovations, and at the top of the lineup is its new full-size M&P5.7 pistol, a serious self-defender with a remarkable 22-round capacity. Not familiar with the 5.7 round? Properly termed the 5.7x28 mm, the chambering was originally developed for NATO and is now in use worldwide as well as by 19+ American state and federal agencies. Now, this tiny (but seriously effective) caliber is available in your favorite S&W defensive pistol, the M&P.

Of course, S&W has perfected the 5.7 experience using the M&P's polymer handgun platform ... but there's a twist. The 5.7 falls under the "small and fast" versus "big and slow" category for its stopping power. That means that in order to function properly and reliably, the projectile needs to be moving fast. Smith & Wesson achieves this with a new gas-operated, locked-breech, rotating Tempo Barrel System that harnesses the speed of the round. The new 5" barrel allows for a quicker extraction once the bullet passes the gas port, creating a more secured fireform effect. This key feature allows for increased precision following the first trigger pull.

The M&P5.7 is slide cut for optics so you can easily install your favorite reflex sight. It also boasts a Picatinny-style rail for added accessories, and includes a 1/2x28 threaded muzzle with thread protector to allow for suppressed shooting capabilities. Its single-action flat-face trigger maintains a crisp break and is designed to allow for consistent finger placement that translates to more accurate and repeatable shooting. This pistol boasts a 22-round capacity and ships with two magazines.

“The M&P5.7 is an exciting new pistol from Smith & Wesson that incorporates a gas-operated Tempo™ Barrel System to effectively harness the 5.7x28mm round, creating a lighter recoil for an overall better shooting experience. Like all Smith & Wesson firearms, the M&P5.7 is proudly made entirely in the USA and is backed by the Smith & Wesson Limited Lifetime Service Policy. Whatever your purpose, the M&P5.7 is versatile, fun, and a must-have,” says Andrew Gore, Product Manager, Handguns. MSRP $699;



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