New for 2023: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Redline Rifle

This lightweight and easy to maneuver bolt-action rifle embraces attributes of the classic Scout rifle.

by posted on July 18, 2023
Springfield Model 2020 Redline

Springfield Armory has introduced the Model 2020 Redline, a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver bolt-action rifle that embraces attributes of the classic Scout rifle. Constructed from modern materials, the compact rifle is ready for hunts where every ounce counts.

Available chambered in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor, the 2020 Redline is offered with a choice of 16” or 20” carbon fiber-jacketed barrels. A threaded muzzle combined with compact dimensions—overall length as short as 36.5”—make the Redline an ideal host for a suppressor on a backcountry hunt.

Further enhancing the rifle’s capabilities is a unique skeletonized Grayboe Trekker stock. With an overall weight of just 28 ounces, the stock features an adjustable length of pull system—featuring .25” adjustment increments, with a range of 13.25” to 14.25” and adjustable up to 16” with additional spacers—for customizing it for a perfect fit. In addition, the stock features three sling studs—one in the rear and two in the front—as well as lightening cuts in both the fore-end and the radically relieved buttstock.

The stock also features an integral bubble level/thumb rest located at the rear of the action. Rather than being positioned atop the scope, the location of the bubble level in the stock ensures you wring out maximum downrange performance from the rifle without having to break your cheek weld or lose your sight line through your optic.

The heart of the Redline is the Model 2020 action, precision manufactured from premium materials. It features dual locking lugs on a fluted bolt that runs smoothly down EDM raceways for perfect, repeatable engagement. In addition, an optimized extraction cam provides robust, reliable operation in any condition.

The free-floated BSF barrel of the Model 2020 Redline is jacketed in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve and loaded under tension. This means 95 percent of the carbon fiber sleeve doesn’t contact the barrel. In addition, fluting under the sleeve reduces weight and increases surface cooling area. Topping off the threaded muzzle is an SA Radial Brake to help minimize muzzle rise and ensure fast follow-up shots. A thread protector is also included.

The Redline features a TriggerTech trigger with a low-profile, non-snag safety. Employing the company’s Frictionless Release Technology, it’s adjustable from 2.5 – 5 lbs. with a patented, free-floating roller. And the high-quality trigger helps coax the best possible accuracy out of the rifle, which Springfield Armory guarantees with .75 MOA accuracy guarantee—for a three-shot group at 100 yards with quality match-grade factory ammunition, in the hands of a skilled shooter.

In addition, a partnership program with Silencer Central offers all purchasers of Model 2020 Redline rifles—where legally applicable—a free $200 “Tax Stamp” for acquiring a Banish 30 suppressor through that company. The svelte lines and quick handling characteristics of the Redline make the Banish Backcountry .30-caliber titanium suppressor in particular a great partner for the rifle.

“The Model 2020 Waypoint set the standard for precision manufacturing, performance and accuracy from a premium, American-made rifle,” said Steve Kramer, vice president of marketing for Springfield Amory. “The new Model 2020 Redline continues that tradition by offering backcountry hunters a rifle perfectly suited to their demanding needs.”

Precision manufactured for performance and reliability, the Model 2020 Redline is perfectly suited for backcountry hunts where days are measured in miles. MSRP of all variants of the Redline is $2,299.

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