New for 2023: Taurus 605 Revolver with Reflex Sight

Why shouldn't revolvers have built-in reflex sights, too?

posted on January 19, 2023

"Well, that's just silly fun," commented NRA Publications' Jay Grazio after shooting the Taurus 605 with Red Dot for the first time. Certainly, having a red-dot sight pre-mounted on your revolver makes accuracy easier to achieve, and that's always going to be fun. However, there's a much bigger benefit tucked into this new gun release: enhanced performance for concealed carriers.

The 605 revolver has been a watchword in CCW success for some time, with its 2" barrel and remarkably slim 1.4" width. The addition of a reflex sight will do many things for the owners of defensive guns. First, it makes practice simpler ... and that means better preparedness. Secondly, it allows better accuracy at defensive distances in low-light situations and under stress. This new-for-2023 enhancement to the Taurus lineup deserves a look (or five).


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