New for 2023: Walther's Final P99

Don't be shaken or stirred; Bond's famous P99 is getting the sendoff it deserves.

posted on January 23, 2023

Who's your favorite Bond? Whether you prefer the Connery, the Brosnan or even the "Blond Bond" Daniel Craig, the gun he carries is invariably a Walther. Pierce Brosnan's Bond in particular carried the P99, an iconic striker-fired semi-auto pistol that was originally released in 1997. At the time of its release 26 years ago, the P99 was revolutionary: With its DA/SA trigger, ergonomic grip frame, slide-mounted decocker and ambidextrous magazine release, the P99 redefined what a "full featured" concealed carry gun meant. 

Although the legend of the Walther P99 will live on, the company has elected to discontinue the line. As a send-off, Walther is releasing a "final edition" P99 for 2023. The Final Edition P99 has all of the features you expect from this legendary gun, but with some cool extras for the collector. First, the frame is green in homage to the original P99's frame. It also comes in commemorative packaging, complete with a challenge coin! MSRP $849;for more information, visit


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