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Helgeson Anti Gun Christmas

How to Get Through an Anti-Gun Holiday Gathering

For some families, dinnertime squabbles about religion, money and politics are inevitable. Here's how to handle it when the topic turns to guns.

Think a Revolver is Your Best CCW Option? 3 Reasons to Think Again

The notion that a revolver is the ideal concealed-carry firearm for women—or any new gun owner—gets debunked.

Take a Hike!

With more than 60,000 miles of trails in the National Trail System across 50 states, there is no reason to NOT take a hike! 

Why You Need a Round in the Chamber

So many people are too afraid of their concealed carry firearm and think they’re much safer if they carry it without a round in the chamber. Here’s why that’s just not a good idea, and how to get over the fear.

Gun Tote’n Mamas Launches New Concealed Carry Waist-Sling

This design targets all situations demanding front-body draw wearability including wheelchair users, bike riders and horseback riders.

New for 2023: Walther PD380 Pistol

The 47 women who participated in the 5th Annual Ladies Pistol Project were unaware that they were among the first to handle and fire the Walther Arms PD380 pistol.

Dude, Your Mouth Is Printing

Here are a few suggestions on how to handle “Out Loud Carry” in the workplace.

6 Reasons the Dusk 19 Stands Out in the 9 mm Crowd

Lone Wolf's decades of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction are clearly evident in this pistol's design and features. 

Why Shoot Polymer-Coated Bullets?

What’s with that lipstick-looking ammo with the red bullets? What’s the benefit?

Understanding the 4 Types of Sight Pictures 

Just as there is not just one firearm to meet every need, one sight picture is not used for every situation. 

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