New Guns 2024: Ruger Super Redhawk .22 Hornet

Ruger's Super Redhawk has been a go-to for hunters for decades.

posted on January 31, 2024

Ruger's revered Super Redhawk needs little introduction. A beefy DA/SA revolver, with a stainless-steel frame and a triple locking cylinder, it has been a go-to for hunters seeking a field-ready and rugged revolver. Now, however, this revolver can be had with eight rounds of lighting-quick .22 Hornet on tap. With 40-gr. rounds leaving the 9.5" barrel at some 1,900 fps, the Super Redhawk is any varmint hunter's dream handgun. To get a closer look at Ruger Super Redhawk .22 Hornet, watch our “New For 2024” video.


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NRA Women The Armed Citizen Shooting A Pistol

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