NRA Announces New Law Enforcement Grant Program to Support Range Development

This program is intended for new law enforcement ranges, or for maintenance, security, and upgrades of existing law enforcement firearms training ranges.

by posted on March 20, 2024
Nra Law Enforcement Grant

The National Rifle Association of America has announced its cooperative support for range development and law enforcement training through the new NRA Law Enforcement Range Fund. This program was established as a matching grant program to encourage city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to work with the NRA on efforts to build and improve law enforcement ranges across the United States.

“The NRA is committed to ‘Backing the Blue,’ and this is another example of the NRA fulfilling that commitment,” said Glen Hoyer, the Director of NRA’s Law Enforcement Division.

Eligible public law enforcement agencies can apply to this program to build new law enforcement ranges, or for maintenance, security, and upgrades of existing law enforcement firearms training ranges at the city, county, state, or federal level.

"NRA Range Services is excited to partner with the Law Enforcement Division to expand our efforts in supporting range development across the country,” said Liz Bush, Managing Director of NRA Community Engagement. "This new grant program reaffirms the NRA's commitment to providing more opportunities for comprehensive firearms training under safe and responsible conditions."

Law Enforcement firearms ranges that are, or will be, utilized by multiple law enforcement agencies will be given greater consideration. Additionally, law enforcement firearms ranges that allow civilian use, under an agency’s oversight, for such things as civilian concealed carry training or general use by civilians, are also preferential.

For more information on this program and other available range grants, go here




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