NRA WLF's Silent Auction is Now Open for Registration and Bidding!

This Silent Auction is nothing to keep quiet about! You could be the lucky winner of firearms, jewelry, trips and artifacts you can’t find anywhere else.

by posted on April 3, 2023
WLF Social Silent Auction

This year's NRA Women's Leadership Forum Silent Auction is nothing to keep quiet about! Get ready for some lively bidding on firearms, jewelry, trips and artifacts you can’t find anywhere else. The Auction website is open for registration starting TODAY! Please register now and begin browsing. Check back often, as new items are being added all the time! Visit to get started, and share the auction link with all of your 2A family and friends. Bidders need not be present to win.

Be sure to check out more exciting news about the 17th Annual NRA Women's Leadership Forum Luncheon & Auction.


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