Points of Impact: August 20, 2022

ICYMI: Navigating a Traffic Stop While Carrying a Gun; Tips for Solo Sporting Clays Practice; Mountain Goat Hunting and more ...

by posted on August 20, 2022
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Just because something is said in congressional chambers doesn’t mean it is accurate, or even true for that matter. Last week, members of the U.S. House Oversight Committee said a lot in a hearing with a firearms manufacturers and representatives from gun-control groups. Read more as America’s 1st Freedom analyzes Some of the Best (and Worst) Quotes from a House Committee’s Attempt to Go After Gun Manufacturers.

Furthermore, Smith & Wesson has issued a strong statement in the face of these attacks on the Second Amendment. Read it here.

Since we’re on the subject of politicians, it's important to know there are many who stand on the side of freedom. You will have a unique opportunity to engage in person with some of today’s prominent pro-2A legislators who are set to speak at the 2022 NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sept. 9-11. See the just-announced lineup here and register for this event that celebrates our freedom, friendship and special sisterhood that binds us together.   

Some NRA members have extended their passion for the Second Amendment by teaching others how to shoot safely. NRA Women columnist Heidi Rao, an NRA Instructor and Training Counselor, explains exactly how NRA Instructors impact their communities.  

As an NRA member, there is a good chance you carry concealed. That means you likely have your firearm on your person or in a purse while you are driving. But do you know how to conduct yourself if you are pulled over by police while carrying a gun? For some excellent advice on how to navigate such a traffic stop, watch this excellent video featuring the renowned Massad Ayoob.  

Some NRA Women enjoy hunting, perhaps whitetail deer, waterfowl, upland birds or even hogs. Then there are the huntresses who seek out some of the most challenging of game, spending eight days going up and down–and up again—to get sights on an elusive North American mountain goat. Watch as Kristy Titus goes on a mission up the mountains of British Columbia.

And then there are NRA Women who elect to remain on flat ground for shotgun sports like sporting clays. If you’re one of them—and would like to make your misses a little less frequent—read these 4 Expert tips for Solo Sporting Clays Practice from our friends at NRA Family.


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