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ICYMI: Women's Leadership Forum Speakers & Events, Low-Recoil Hunting Loads, Rookie Waterfowling Mistakes ...

by posted on August 27, 2022
Deering Duck Blind 2

Join the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum for its Fall Summit in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona (September 9-11) for a special ladies-only conference retreat alongside other inspirational women who share your values and passion for protecting the Second Amendment. There's a star-studded speaker lineup (with more to come), as well as a listing of can't-miss events. Two special optional activities have been planned—an exciting afternoon of Cosmic Shooting at the Scottsdale Gun Club, or a behind-the-scenes painting seminar with acclaimed wildlife artist Suzie Seerey-Lester. Please note that both activities require pre-registration ... so read on and decide what you'd like to do!

Going duck hunting for the first time? You're in for a treat. Waterfowl hunting is its own particular brand of fun, offering a more social experience than many other types of hunts you might have already participated in.It’s also got some unique aspects to it that you’re probably not familiar with, and there a few things you want to avoid in order to make this the best experience possible. Don’t make one of these rookie mistakes on your first duck hunt ...

Hunter, shooter, brand ambassador and NRA Women columnist Melissa Bachman writes, "Recoil often is a top consideration for many shooters and hunters. I’m often asked which types of firearms and ammunitions have the knockdown power needed for quick clean kills in the field, but light on the recoil side. To help, I’ve assembled a list of my favorite calibers—and why—along with a few things you need to understand regarding their limitations." If recoil has kept you out of the fields, don't miss this!

There's a lot of jargon associated with handgun sights, but the plain truth of shooting is that it's essentially hand/eye coordination. For many of us, the "hand" part is easy—learning a good grip usually doesn't take long—but the "eye" part can be tougher. You can't shoot what you can't see, and that's where your handgun's sights come in ...

Speaking of handgun sights, adding a red-dot sight to your gun used to be a bit of a hassle. In January 2021, Leupold introduced the DeltaPoint Micro. The Micro mounts to a handgun using the rear sight’s “dovetail” on the slide. While only currently offered for most Glock and Smith and Wesson M&P models, the design is a solution for the owners of those types of pistols who want to use an MRD without modifying their handgun ... read contributor Holly Marcus' complete review here

The AR in AR-15 stands for “Armalite Rifle,” but for the last two decades, it’s really been “America’s Rifle.” The platform, with its superior ergonomics and accuracy potential, is really quite perfect for hunting … with a few minor quibbles, which Rock River Arms set out to solve with its brand-new All-Terrain Hunter (ATH). This AR-15 has been optimized for hunting with features that target shooters and self-defenders will appreciate, too ...

If you like old guns and history, you know what columnist Heidi Lyn Rao is talking about when she mentions trapdoor rifles, rolling block rifles or falling block rifles. Unfortunately, most new gun owners are more interested in the latest and greatest innovations in firearms, not the classic guns that paved the way. Knowing and understanding these “primitive” firearms leads to the admiration of the soldiers who had to use them. Here are the least-understood kinds of rifles!

On August 20, 2022 61-year-old Susan Lee was walking her two dogs on her own property in Strafford, Vermont, when she got what was probably the nastiest surprise of her life: A black bear attacked her. It was something of a surprise to everyone else as well; after all, black bears are generally far less aggressive than their size and reputation might suggest. It was, in fact, only the third black bear attack on a human recorded in the state ... so what went wrong, and what can we learn from it?


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