Points of Impact: September 10, 2022

ICYMI: The Importance of September 11 Stories; 3-Gun 101, Kids & Dove Hunting and more ...

by posted on September 10, 2022
Remington 3 Gun 2

At the top of our lineup this week sit two hot new guns NRA Women will want to hear about ... a rifle from Ruger and a semi-automatic pistol from Taurus. We women who shoot like our modern sporting rifles (MSR) to be bigger and stronger where they need to be, but otherwise smaller and lighter. That's exactly what Ruger is promising in its just-announced addition to its MSR lineup, the Small-Frame Autoloading Rifle, or SFAR. Chambered in 7.62 NATO/.308 Win., the SFAR combines the ballistic advantages of .308 Winchester with the size of a traditional MSR. The details are here!

In exciting news for women interested in concealed-carry handguns, Taurus has just launched the second model iteration in its popular GX4 series pistols, the GX4XL. Combining the performance features of the original GX4 micro-compact 9 mm with a new slide and barrel configuration for enhanced accuracy and performance, this micro compact is built on the same polymer receiver as the GX4 micro-compact, but with some serious of upgrades and features. Read more here!

To honor women hunters—the fastest-growing demographic in the hunting community—Safari Club International is "Celebrating Women in Hunting" during its annual convention, Feb. 22-25, 2023, in Nashville, Tennessee. SCI isn't just celebrating the women who've blazed the trails, either ... they'd like to hear from you, too. Learn more about this upcoming event here!

The sport of 3-Gun competition has been around for many years, attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of shooters worldwide. Although you don't have to be a world-class athlete, a typical 3-Gun match requires plenty of movement while engaging targets in a variety of different positions and, as its name implies, requires the use of three different firearms at different stages. Check out the video here!

Whether you want to simply share a picture of a recently spotted big buck to your family, friends, guide on social media, there are a few tricks to making this footage the best it can be. Digiscoping, as it’s called, has been around for a long time. but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Basically, you’re using the glass from your binoculars or spotting scope as a lens to get stunning up-close video. NRA Women columnist Melissa Bachman shows you how!

At the recent USPSA Area 5 and Area 3 Championships, pro shooter Jessie Harrison claimed back-to-back High Lady titles. She won the High Lady title at the 2022 Cheely Custom Gunworks Area 5 Championship in Brooklyn, Michigan, and then went on to clinch the High Lady title at the 2022 Hornady Area 3 Championship in Grand Island, Nebraska. Our friends at Shooting Sports USA have the scoop!

Gun safety classes generally aren’t given enough credit. Everyone says they are a good idea, but not everyone who takes them should. Oftentimes, this is because they don’t know they exist or don’t think they apply to them. When Team Benelli’s Ashlynne Thomas was about 10 years old, her parents took her to a gun safety class that changed her life. Now 16, she's taking the 3-Gun world by storm. Read about this Rising Shooting Star here!

Dove season: In most states, it’s one of the first hunting seasons to open for the year, and many wingshooters look forward to it like kids look forward to Christmas—maybe even more. If you’re such a person, you no doubt hope that one day your kids/grandkids will enjoy dove hunting as much as you so that you can spend more time together outdoors. But how young is too young to get kids started? How do you know when they are ready to begin? Our friends at NRA Family have more.

And last—but never least—we are approaching the 21st anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Those who are old enough to have witnessed the horror and atrocities of the attacks on American freedom relive those moments with each anniversary, including NRA Women Editor-in-Chief Ann Y. Smith. These days, the usual reminders of the anniversary continue to be overshadowed by post-pandemic fallout. But as much as those trying to silence our voices today may try, Smith reminds us in Overshadowed But Not Forgotten that it is important for everyone to tell their 9/11 stories so that future generations will not forget that 2,977 innocent people had their lives forcibly taken from them that day. Lest we forget.





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