Savage Arms Introduces A22 Takedown Rimfire Rifle

Sometimes you're only looking to bug-out for some recreation. For those days when you want that go-anywhere fun, check out Savage's new 10-round 18" barrel takedown rifle.

by posted on November 10, 2022
Savage A22 Takedown

Takedown rimfire rifles have been around for many years, often looked at as a must-have in bug-out bags. In fact, Savage Arms is responsible for what has been one of the most popular takedown rifles, the Model 42. But sometimes you're only looking to bug-out for some recreation. 

For days when the most on your mind will be hunting, camping, hiking, boating and plinking, you'll appreciate the extremely portable new semi-automatic .22 rifle from Savage—the A22 Takedown, the latest in the company's A Series of rifles, which offers a 10-round capacity and a very "backpackable" 18" barrel. 

“No other rimfire rifles bring the versatility and flexibility of the A22 Takedown,” said Savage Arms’ Director of Marketing Beth Shimanski. “Weighing in at only 6 lbs. and available in 22 LR, this rifle is specifically designed to improve your outdoor adventures with the ability to easily transport it in your pack.” 

In addition to its takedown configuration, other features include a synthetic stock with storage compartment in the pistol grip and magazine compartment in cheek riser; low-profiel sights; a 0 MOA Picatinny rail with an iron sight channel thru rail; a tang safety; a 10-round magazine and, perhaps one of the greatest features, Savage's famous user-adjustable AccuTrigger. 

MSRP is $479. To learn more, visit


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