Shifting Gears: Falco Holsters Introduces Concealed Carry Bike Bags

The bags are designed keep your firearm and extra magazines protected and secure, even in the event of a fall.

by posted on June 23, 2023
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Falco Holsters has introduced a new category of concealed carry holsters designed to attach to bicycles for off-body carry. The  G125 model attaches to the bike’s frame, while the G126 model attaches to the bicycle’s top tube.

“During warmer months, more people are out and about on their bikes,” said Falco Holsters Vice President of Sales and Marketing Katarína Zacharová. “We recognize the potential danger of falling with traditional, on-body concealed carrying on a bicycle, so we developed two holster variations for attaching your everyday carry handgun to the bike itself.”

“The new Concealed Carry Bike Bags give no indication that there is a pistol or revolver inside,” said Zacharová, “and they hold firmly to your bike with three strong Velcro loops. Even in the case of a fall, these bags keep your firearm, backup gun, and extra magazines protected and secure. They’re ideal for road or mountain biking, and also keep your common items such as wallets, keys, and phone handy for quick retrieval,” she added.

Falco Holsters Concealed Carry Bike Bags
The G125 Concealed Carry Frame Bike Bag and the G125 Concealed Carry Top Tube Bike Bag conveniently fit micro, subcompact, compact and full-size handguns while cycling. In addition, they can accommodate guns equipped with tactical lights or lasers. Every bag is constructed from strong ballistic nylon and easily attaches with three distinct and well-placed 3-fold Velcro loops.

Both bag options feature zippers strategically placed for fast, one-handed opening. “Requiring only one hand to open the bag while riding is essential,” said Zacharová. “Plus, the design keeps your contents accessible in all situations.” The Concealed Carry Bike Bags feature a main compartment with an adjustable, removable elastic holster to keep the sidearm secure. “We recommend using your existing IWB holster inside the elastic holster for convenience. Simply move your holstered gun from the bag into your waistband. This means your firearm is never out of sight when leaving your bike.” Click here for video.

  • Developed for off-body concealed carry by attaching to bicycles
  • Crafted from ballistic nylon
  • Suitable for firearms with tactical lights or lasers
  • 3-fold hook-and-loops attach to the bike
  • Interior of gun compartment covered by hook-and-loop closures allows for modular gun and accessory attachment
  • Includes one elastic gun holster for attaching to hook-and-loop in the main compartment (recommend purchasing an additional elastic holster to secure magazine inside compartment)
  • Robust YKK zippers
  • Right-handed or left-handed, ambidextrous
  • Color Options: Black, Steel Metal, Gun Metal, Blue Mosaic, Orange Mosaic
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

G125 Concealed Carry Bike Bag – Frame Bag

  • MSRP: $79.95
  • Three hook-and-loop, 3-fold loops attach to the bike
  • Three compartments
  • Main firearm compartment fits guns up to 7.08” x 5.51”
  • Front and rear outside compartments secured by zippers
  • Quick-draw access with a pull tab strategically placed for fast, one-handed opening

G126 Concealed Carry Bike Bag – Top Tube

  • MSRP: $85.95
  • Two hook-and-loop, 3-fold loops, and one adjustable nylon strap attach to the bike
  • One main compartment fits guns up to 7.08” x 5.51”
  • Quick-draw, two-way zipper for fast, ambidextrous opening, keeps contents accessible

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