Target to Target: How to Master the Transition

The key to perfecting this skill is remembering that your eye leads the way.

posted on February 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered how competitive shooters seamlessly make the transition from target to target? While many hours of practice helps to improve their speed at this skill, they no doubt started out practicing slowly, the same way you should if you want to improve your performance—regardless of whether you aspire to be the next Julie Golob.

Transitioning your pistol from target to target sounds simple—and it is—if you remember to go slowly and properly apply your basic fundamentals of shooting.

The key to mastering this skill is remembering that your eye leads the way. In other words, after you’ve pressed the trigger on your first shot at a target, you must first look in the direction of where you want to place the next shot—an adjacent target, for example—before moving the sights of your pistol in that direction. It’s imperative to complete this move first, because if you’ve already looked at where you want pistol to go, you can direct it there. However, If you stay focused on the sights of pistol and try to drive the pistol from one point to the next, there’s a good chance you’ll pass the target and have to return, which could cost you about a half a second. For competitive shooters, this could mean the difference in their place at the podium.

To see this skill demonstrated, watch this latest Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS video hosted by Ken of Provectus Group.

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