The Armed Citizen® December 16, 2022

A would-be carjacker pulled a woman out of her car and attempted to drive away, his gun on his lap. But it ended badly for him.

by posted on December 16, 2022
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Two would-be carjackers in Las Vegas learned the hard way that they chose the wrong women to victimize. The women, who were on their way to a party, suddenly found themselves blocked in by a car after its driver parked in front of them. Two armed men then exited the vehicle and approached the car. One of the men pulled the driver from the car, and made an attempt to drive off with the car, with his gun on his lap. However, he was unable to start the car. The woman used the moment to grab the gun and run, but was overcome by the carjacker, who tackled her from behind. A struggle ensued, ending with the woman retaining control of the gun and shooting the thug with his own gun. The other carjacker then began to fire at the woman, but she was able to escape and hide in a nearby house. Upon arrival, police discovered a man on the ground wearing a ski cap and bleeding from his head. Live-saving measures proved unsuccessful, and the man died at the scene. The woman emerged from her hiding place, hands in the air and the handgun in her pocket. She was taken into custody, and after witnesses corroborated her account of the incident, police deemed that she had acted in self-defense.

The other would-be carjacker got away, but police identified an 18-year-old suspect and arrested him about 10 days later. Based on evidence found after a search warrant was executed—ammunition that matched the shell casings found near the dead man's body—and cell phone records that placed the suspect at the scene of the crime, he was charged with second-degree kidnapping; conspiracy to commit robbery; attempted robbery with a deadly weapon; burglary with the use of a deadly weapon; and attempted grand larceny of a vehicle. He was being held on $50,000 bail. (; Las Vegas, Nev., 11/22/22)


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