The Armed Citizen® February 2, 2024

A woman who was being assaulted by her husband fought him off with her firearm.

by posted on February 2, 2024
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A woman who was being assaulted by her husband ultimately shot him in the leg with her own gun. Here’s what happened: The husband, who was reportedly inebriated, engaged in an argument with his wife, then proceeded to repeatedly strike her in the face. The woman said her husband locked her in a bedroom and continued the assault, refusing to allow her to leave. That’s when she went for her gun, which was met with a struggle during which she discharged her firearm, wounding her husband in the upper thigh. The woman was able to get to a neighbor’s home, where police were summoned. From there they made contact with the man, convincing him to come out of the house. It was during a pat down that deputies discovered that the man was bleeding from his leg. After being treated at a local hospital, the man was charged with second-degree kidnapping; interfering with emergency communication; and assault on a female. He was held without bond because the incident was considered domestic violence. (; Hoffman, N.C.; 12/16/23)


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