The Armed Citizen® July 22, 2022

A woman was outside watering her garden when a man approached her and demanded her car.

by posted on July 22, 2022
NRA Women The Armed Citizen Drawing A Pistol

A woman was outside watering her garden when a man approached her demanding her car. The mugger indicated that he was armed and a struggle ensued over the woman’s car keys. In fear for her life, the victim was able to draw her gun and fire at the suspect. The man dropped the keys and fled. The man was arrested the following day. (Alachua County Sheriff, Gainesville, Fla., 06/01/22)

After breaking into her girlfriend’s home, a fight broke out between the resident and intruder. The victim was able to shoot the assailant with her firearm in self-defense. The suspect was treated for her injuries and arrested for domestic violence. (, Mobile, Ala. 05/04/22)


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