The Armed Citizen® March 24, 2023

Two women were ambushed late one night, but the would-be robbers quickly found out they chose the wrong women to victimize.

by posted on March 24, 2023
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Don't take our word for it; there is video backup of an armed citizen encounter provided by two women who were targeted for a robbery. The incident occurred late one night in Atlanta in March 2022, when two women were ambushed by suspected robbers as they tried to return to their apartment. The masked miscreants found out the hard way, however, that they chose the wrong women to victimize—because they were armed, trained and ready. The entire incident went viral after being recorded by a nearby Ring camera. Some important lessons can be learned from the video, including how important firearm training is if you decide to arm yourself for personal protection. Once you have made that decision, you must also commit to being vigilant and situationally aware. These women trusted their instincts when they felt something wasn’t right, which possibly saved their lives. In this exclusive video from The Shade Room, one of the would-be victims offers her perspective on the incident, believing that the attack was a targeted hit. One of the alleged suspects was ultimately taken into custody on felony aggravated assault, armed robbery and firearms charges.


Rao Nra Instruction
Rao Nra Instruction

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