The Armed Citizen® September 16, 2022

A laundromat employee was forced to respond to a physical attack.

by posted on September 16, 2022
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The following Armed Citizen accounts occurred in 2019:

A female laundromat employee was forced to respond to a physical attack. The incident began as a verbal assault after the employee cautioned two patrons about not overloading the washing machines, reminding them that the laundromat couldn’t refund their money if they did so. Another customer, who was drying her clothes, interrupted the conversation by asserting that she was a law school student and challenged the employee's explanation of the no-refund policy. After more heated discussion, the woman allegedly attacked the employee, slamming her against some clothes dryers. The altercation turned into an all-out brawl. Eventually the employee was able to get away and leave the laundromat, but the angry customer followed her. In fear for her safety, the employee displayed her pistol, prompting the attacker to back off and leave the scene. Police arrived after the fact, but it is not clear if the customer was ever located or if she was charged. (, Holly Springs, Miss., 6/7/19)

A woman was home around 2 a.m when she heard someone trying to break in through a back window. In fear for her life, the woman grabbed her gun and pointed it outside the window. The intruder, who was later identified as her ex-boyfriend, attempted to snatch the gun from her but she fired before he was able to get it, shooting him in the chest. The man was taken to the hospital in serious condition. (, San Antonio, Texas, 9/1/19


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