Updated for 2022: Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

Now in e-book format! The NYSRPA vs. Bruen case changed everything for six states regarding concealed carry. Many gun owners are now wondering how these new laws will affect crossing state lines.

by posted on February 25, 2022
Travelers Guide 2022

A lot has happened since the 2021 Edition of the Traveler’s Guide to Firearms Law to the Fifty States was published—in fact, more than 100 changes at last count. Additionally, since the Supreme Court arrived at a favorable decision in the NYSRPA vs. Bruen case, the six holdout “May Issue” states now fall under an entirely new category, with the “good and substantial reason” clauses stripped from their concealed-carry policies. With that in mind, many gun owners are wondering about how these new laws will affect their ability to carry over state lines, especially in one of these new “free” states. There are still a few weeks left in summer, and if you’re making one final push to get as much time as possible with the family in your RV—or have avoided certain states in the past as you travel across state lines for work—you need to be as informed as possible on the new laws.

That’s where the "Traveler’s Guide to Firearms Laws of the Fifty States" comes in. Not only does it contain the most current state-by-state laws on bringing firearms into each state, it includes new rules for constitutional carry, firearms carried with a license, and vehicle carry at schools and colleges. And, as we’ve seen, since these state laws are changing faster than ever, there’s a print/e-book combo available, allowing you to access monthly updates to conditional reciprocity lists directly on the website.  

Here's what else you’ll get:

Owners of the 2021 Edition (more than 100 changes including):
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing gun carry at rest areas
★ monthly online updates to conditional reciprocity lists
★ new formatting for state pages — provides easier reading and more detail
★ over 100 changes including new rules for constitutional carry, weapons carried with a license and vehicle carry at schools and colleges

Owners of the 2020 Edition (over 200 changes including):
★ all changes listed in 2021 section above
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing gun carry in RVs while boondocking
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing carry & possession at airport terminals
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing ammunition carry & possession in each state
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing firearms carry and possession in hotels
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing the types of weapons that may be carried with a license
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing constitutional or “permitless carry” for each state
★ 50 new subheadings in “Traveler’s Checklist” detailing out-of-state permit recognition for each state
★ 4 more states enacted laws allowing concealed carry without a permit
★ 1 state legalized handgun carry on snowmobiles and ATVs
★ >1 state legalized suppressor ownership
★ 13 states modified their reciprocity lists (adding and, in some cases, deleting states from their lists)
★ 1 state banned possession of all firearm magazines over 10 shots
★ 1 state enacted automatic recognition of all out-of-state permits
★ 2 states preempted all code enforcement for vehicle carry on college campuses
★ 1 state eliminated prohibition of non-permittees carrying guns on public transportation
★ 1 state Supreme Court made it easier for non-residents to apply for that state’s carry license
★ 1 state enacted law allowing greater recognition of other states’ permits

As many avid hunters and travelers also visit the nation’s northern and southern neighbors, the 68-page "Traveler’s Guide" includes detailed information for trips to Canada and Mexico. The guide retails for $14.95 (including shipping), and can be purchased at gunlawguide.com.

Examples of individual state pages:



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