We Love It: Huntshield Women's Neoprene Boot

You never know how your feet are going to feel day to day on a hunt. Here's a pair of boots to wear so it won't matter.

by posted on August 26, 2022
Neoprene Womens Hunting Boots

One of the biggest hunting goofs I ever made was forgetting to try on all of my gear to ensure everything was still a proper fit after a year in the closet. That happened when I participated in a Mississippi waterfowl hunt in 2010—and couldn’t squeeze my foot entirely into my boot.

Here was a big clue to which I should have paid attention: I had broken a leg and not long after triple fractured my ankle sometime in the two years prior to this event, had surgery and was in a cast for some six weeks. Duh … Do you think my ankle might have come out of those traumas a little thicker? Those old boots were very inflexible, to say the least, and I spent a miserable two days with my foot shoved into an ill-fitting boot that would not give. At every opportunity I discreetly slid my foot halfway out until it was time to move again. All I could focus on all weekend was my foot. The only saving grace was that a monsoon-like rain descended upon us and cut our time on the river bank in half, giving mercy to my embarrassing situation.

Looking at these new Huntshield boots for women brought back the now-funny memory of that hunt. And I know that boots like these would give me an entirely different experience should I have to trek through backcountry or rugged terrain, even if water is involved. The boots are constructed from waterproof rubber with scent-free Neoprene lining, and feature an adjustable back gusset strap. That way, I can modify the tightness (based on the size of my feet at the given moment!) with a simple one-hand pull on the strap over the support to tighten or reverse for a release. It also features a removable comfortable molded PU insole, cushioned EVA midsole, aggressive rubber outsole with a reinforced toe cap and a supportive rubber heel counter for extra durability.

These boots are exactly what every lady hunter needs if she wants to focus on finding her game rather than feeling for her feet. Available in RealTree pattern. For more, visit Canadian Tire's Huntshield Women's Neoprene Boots.


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