We Love It: TrueTimber Lifestyle T-Shirts

Best known for its superb line of camouflage patterns, your summer wardrobe gets an instant refresh from TrueTimber's Lifestyle lineup.

by posted on August 1, 2022
True Timber Lifestyle Tees Lede

With remote work here to stay, I practically live in T-shirts all summer long. But I’m picky about my tees. Today’s new fabrics, which are super soft and cozy, can be tricky to wear after a certain age, with some being too clingy and stretchy, or some too big and baggy. Many women love the new women’s T-shirt styles; I do not. Sometimes the only good option for a quality T-shirt is to turn to men’s sizes and styles, which tend to fit more reliably like classic tees.

So when TrueTimber announced it had added Performance and Lifestyle tees to its Lifestyle Apparel lineup, I took a quick look. I have deer hunted in TrueTimber's Strata pattern and loved it, so immediately I had to see what might be available for women. Most of the new collection is designed for men (albeit it a great collection), but the few new T-shirts in the ladies’ design were eye-catching. Their simple styling, V-neck, great colors and attractive “freedom” logo on the back rendered them not at all gaudy, and with the solid fronts, I believe either the teal or gray will work when I have to run out for a lunchtime errand and don't wan’t to feel like a walking advertisement. So I ordered three—two in my normal size, and one upsized one, just in case. Turns out that concern was unfounded. True to size, these T-shirts are awesome. While the fabric is a bit thinner than traditional T-shirt material, the fit is classic. I don’t feel the need to tug or stretch them in certain areas, and they don’t cling. 

Happily, after perusing the site, I discovered that there were additional ladies' designs already offered in the collection. I’m happy TrueTimber chose to introduce this line in time for me to give my mid-summer wardrobe a refresher, after all, as a dog mom, it’s not unusual for me to change shirts a few times a day after lengthy "walkies" in the east coast humid conditions. And if there is a man in your life whose T-shirt collection has seen better days, or even if he's into these stylish Twin Reef shorts, there are more than a few sporty options. Check out the full line, including coolers and bags, and don’t hesitate on style and size. Bonus: My order showed up within three days (even with standard shipping). T-shirt sizes are S to 2XL. MSRP: $14.99

For more, visit TrueTimber.com


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