What Do Safer-Than-Steel Targets Sound Like? Throom!

These brightly colored reactive targets are lighter and safer than steel … and ideal for new shooters.

by posted on January 25, 2022
Woman Shooting Handgun At Throom Targets
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Everyone loves reactive targets, but when shooting at closer distances, steel targets represent a real risk of fragments and ricocheting. To address this concern, Throom has developed an exclusive weatherproof, self-healing, lightweight "Shoot-Throo" polymer to craft interesting and reactive targets that allow the bullet to pass through to the backstop, making them safer than steel.

Shooters (who should always wear eye protection at any distance) can safely fire a pistol from as close as 5 feet to a Throom target, as opposed to 25 feet from a steel target. This makes them perfect for training new shooters, as they allow students to stand as close as they are comfortable and work their way back, all the while taking aim at captivating targets. Throom targets are bright green, and most can pop, flip, jump, bounce, hang and knock down so you get the visual satisfaction of hitting a target. However, these are far from one-shot-wonders. The self-healing technology allows bullets to pass through the polymer, leaving behind only a pinhole. Each target can take at least 1,000 rounds before crumbling.

Throom targets are also seven times lighter than steel targets—allowing for easy storage, transport and setup. Whether your range is indoors or outdoors, Throom targets are convenient, safe and easy to install. New for 2022 is a dueling tree kit.

The process is simple: Get your hands on some standard 2x4s and use Throom’s polymer stand brackets to affix your stand or tree. No additional hardware is required. Next, attach your target bases and targets. Throom sells these items separately or in kits, so you only have to replace what you need. You’ll never get bored of dueling with friends or firing at the plethora of whimsical silhouette targets from rabbits, squirrels, ducks and prairie dogs to chickens, turkey, pigs and rams, as well as whiskey bottles, tombstones, playing card suits and bowling pins.

There are even targets with 3-gun competitors in mind such as an 8” shotgun round and a 3” rifle round. Whether you’re a dedicated target shooter, competitive shooter or new shooter, these targets provide a safe and interesting outlet for your lead. Throom provides the instant visual feedback of steel with the safety of paper targets. ThroomTargets.com


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