What to Buy Your Gun-Loving Mom for Mother’s Day

Need last-minute ideas for Mom? You won’t go wrong with something off this list.

by posted on May 5, 2024
Mothers Day Gift Guide 2024 (1)

Whether you’re buying for your Mom or your wife or just shopping for yourself, any hunting and gun-toting woman would be happy with one of these gifts this year.

1. A Concealed-Carry Purse That’s Actually Cute
Let’s be honest: A lot of concealed-carry purses just don’t have the most fashionable look. Gun Tote'n Mamas (GTM Original) is trying to change that with their stylish designs. We like the Town Tote in lavender, which has a classic shape, plenty of room for all the stuff Mom wants to carry around, lightly pebbled top-grain cowhide, carry handles as well as a crossbody strap, and chrome hardware. Safety features include slash-resistant strap, RFID-protected interior zippered pocket, a padded gun compartment to prevent imprinting, and the company’s standard holster that’s been tested with popular guns including the SIG P365 and P938, Ruger Security-380, Glock 19 compact and 26 sub-compact, Walther PPK, S&W M&P Shield EZ, and Springfield Hellcat, as well as micro guns like the Ruger LCP and SIG P238. The holster works for right- or left-handed use. MSRP is $185.95. GTMOriginal.com

2. A New Pistol to Put In That Purse
Who wouldn’t appreciate a new gun? Ruger’s compact Security-380 is designed to be small enough to easily conceal but not so small that it’s a bear to shoot. It was created to bridge the gap between heavier-recoiling compact 9mms and tiny, snappy sub-compact .380s, and it does that task so well that it came out a winner in the NRA’s 5th Annual Ladies Pistol Project, and was also awarded a 2024 NRA Golden Bullseye for Handgun of the Year. Ruger took a little weight out of the slide to make the pistol lighter overall and to reduce the recoil impulse, and the company’s Lite Rack system makes the slide considerably easier to run. Capacity is an impressive 15+1 (a state-compliant 10+1 version of the gun is also available) and the gun weighs less than 20 ounces. At an MRSP of $369.99 for the standard model, this is a lot of gun for not a lot of money. If you’re buying this for someone else, be sure to read our tips for giving a gun as a gift. Ruger.com

3. A Secure Storage Option for Her Handgun
If Mom sleeps with a handgun in her nightstand drawer, or if she doesn’t have a full-sized gun safe to secure her concealed-carry firearm when needed, upgrade her security with a small safe that allows quick and easy access. Consider one of Hornady’s RAPiD safes, which come in various sizes. We like the affordable RAPiD Keypad Vault, which is small enough to mount just about anywhere or to fit in a drawer. Heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction means Mom can trust that her gun or her valuables will be secured from unauthorized access. This vault is opened via RFID—just use the RFID key fob, tag or watchband to immediately open the lid, or use the keypad to enter a code (two barrel keys are also included for backup access). As mentioned, there are different sizes and models in this line, but the RAPiD Keypad Vault retails for just $151.99. Hornady.com

4. Some Clothing That Fits
Plenty of brands are making great clothing for female shooters and hunters these days. If Mom is still hunting in ill-fitting menswear or if her range gear could use an upgrade, consider gifting her a new jacket or pair of pants that she’ll get a lot of use out of. I’ve  had really good luck with the gear from DSG Outdoors, which makes clothing for women in a wide variety of sizes. Their hunting gear is great, but I especially like the Field Pant, which I have in two colors. In my experience, they’re true to size, unlike many other brands of range pants I’ve purchased over the years that tend to run small, and the fabric and style make them suitable for the range, hunting or just casual wear. They’re $90, but I’ve caught them on sale for considerably less than that, so keep an eye out (maybe for Christmas or next Mother’s Day?).
I also hear very good things about the Sofia Adventure Pant from Ditale Outdoors and even tried a pair on at SHOT Show this year—they come in regular and curvy XXS through XXL, which is awesome. MSRP on the Sofia 2.0 is $199.00. Just a word of caution: Keep the receipt or buy a gift card if you’re not absolutely sure on Mom’s sizing.

5. A Gun Club Membership or a Training Course
There’s no such thing as too much practice, so consider gifting Mom a membership to a local gun range/club or a class at a training academy. Among the best in the world—and a school that I can personally recommend—is Gunsite Academy, which offers classes in just about anything you can think of with any firearm platform Mom might want to train with. And if you can't make it out to Gunsite's main campus, there are a number of offsite classes offered in cities throughout the United States, from Alaska to Orlando.
If you don’t have a specific local gun club in mind, you can read up on how to find a place to shoot here. The price for a club membership can vary widely based on how swanky the club is, and most training—if it’s any good—won’t be cheap, so consider your budget on this one. And as a mom of a grown daughter, I can promise you, this gift is a million times better if you go to the range or the class with her. Gunsite.com

6. The Budget-Friendly Option: Ammo
There’s no such thing as too much ammo. I don’t recommend buying hunting ammo for Mom’s rifle unless you know the exact brand, type and weight that she shoots, so go for less specific options like 12-gauge target loads she can use on the sporting clays course, a brick of .22 LR, or a box of 9mm FMJ practice rounds. You can spend as much or as little as you like on this gift depending on what and how much you buy, so it can be very budget-friendly. Just make sure you know what caliber/chambering Mom shoots so you don’t buy something she doesn’t have a gun for. FederalPremium.com

7. The Budget-Buster Blowout Option: A Hunting Trip
If you want to go really big and money is no object, why not take Mom on a bucket-list hunting trip? Whether it’s elk out West, sea ducks in Alaska or kudu in Africa, if you really want to go all out, there’s nothing like buying Mom a trip she wouldn’t splurge on for herself. If you don’t know where to start planning something like this, a booking agent can be very helpful. Family Expeditions specializes in family- and female-friendly hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure trips and can plan a trip down to every detail, including advising Mom on the firearms import paperwork if you choose an international destination. Of course, make it a trip for two—maybe she’ll bring you along! FamilyExpeditions.com




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