Women's Hunting Clothes: Sitka Gear Introduces Core Merino Wool Collection

Not thinking about wool clothing just yet? Sitka Gear's new Merino three-tiered collection will get you in the mood for cool days and nights.

by posted on July 18, 2023
Sitka Gear Merion Collection

It seems strange to be talking about wool clothing in July, when much of the country is hunkering inside close to air conditioning grates, or trying to keep cool by wearing as few layers as possible. But Sitka Gear’s new Core Merino Collection has us fantasizing about  the crisp, early morning fall air as we climb into our blinds in anticipation of taking our first game of the season. 

Merino wool base layers have long been relied on for key features like temperature regulation, breathability and odor resistance properties, with one drawback—longevity. Now Sitka is introducing its new ArmorSpun Merino wool that allows for the best of both worlds with materials built for rigorous, extended use while maintaining the properties of wool that outdoor adventurers demand in the field.
The Core Merino Collection features a simple, intuitive and easy-to-shop three-tiered system that allows consumers to easily adapt their comfort level given their day-to-day needs. Unlike other wool products, the easy-care Merino fabric is pre-shrunk and can be washed with other active gear with options in three weights—120 gram, 220 gram and 330 gram—the Sitka Core Merino Collection offers endless possibilities when worn on their own during warmer early season temperatures or as foundational base layers in colder late season weather.
“Merino wool base layers have long been sought out by outdoor enthusiasts for their exceptional qualities. However, longevity has been a common concern,” according to Sitka Gear Product Manager Chris Derrick. “With our ArmorSpun Merino Wool, we have bridged the gap, creating materials that improve durability while preserving the properties of wool that are indispensable.”  

Here's how the Core Merino Series breaks down:
Core Merino 120 Series
The Core Merino 120 Series, the lightest of the three series, is expertly designed for demanding outdoor activities. Whether worn independently during early season warmth or as a foundational base layer as temperatures drop, the 120 series offers a range of options, including four men’s and two women’s variations, to suit individual preferences.

Core Merino 220 Series
The Core Merino 220 series is built for rigorous use and is the middle of the three weights, making it the most versatile. It’s perfect on its own in mild conditions or as a foundational base layer when the weather gets cold. The 220 series includes three options for men and a half-zip in women's sizes.

Core Merino 330 Series
The Core Merino 330 series is built for rigorous use and is the warmest of the three weights. Built with a recycled synthetic interior, the result is an ideal foundational base layer that prevents the clammy and itchy feeling often associated with heavyweight wool.

You can check out all of the clothing options in each series by going to sitkagear.com.


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