Women's Outdoor Media Association Unveils New Branding

WOMA's new logo and branding coincides with its renewed commitment to promoting its efforts via social and mass media.

by posted on June 13, 2023
Woma Main Image

The Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA), known for encouraging women in the outdoor endeavors of shooting sports, archery, fishing, and hunting, proudly announces a new WOMA logo and branding to coincide with their renewed commitment to promoting their efforts via social and mass media.

“As The WOMA continues to grow and evolve, we felt it essential to maintain a cohesive brand identity that reflects our values and mission,” stated WOMA President Erica Chin. “Through the last decade, our dedicated group of women has enthusiastically promoted their shooting, hunting, and fishing pursuits.”

Today, The WOMA organization boasts a growing membership of women from across the U.S. passionate about advancing the outdoor activities they love and sharing their experiences through all available media outlets. “Handing down the legacy of an outdoor lifestyle to the next generation of women is our responsibility,” Chin said. “The revitalized design and color scheme of our new branding, logo, and website helps us focus our energy toward that vital task.”

According to Chin, WOMA Vice President Jessica Adanich, the owner of DesignPod Tactical, tackled the project. “Her creativity and expertise made the entire process easy. Jessica listened to our input and created a design that perfectly embodies our mission. We selected royal blue as our new brand color because we believe it’s strong, confident, and patriotic,” Chin stated.

The WOMA expects these updates will enhance its ability to connect with new WOMA members and sponsors. “Extending our efforts through networking and media is so important to the success of our mission. We look forward to many more exciting activities in our future,” added Chin.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a member or a sponsor of The Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA), or you wish to become involved in our annual fundraising event, She Never Quit, please email [email protected] for more details.

She Never Quit image courtesy Women's Outdoor Media Association

About Women’s Outdoor Media Association
Women’s Outdoor Media Association is dedicated to encouraging women in the outdoor endeavors of shooting sports, archery, fishing, and hunting. From her passion for doing more to foster community and leadership for women in the outdoors, Deb Ferns founded The WOMA in 2009. The WOMA brings visibility to the growing movement of women pursuing outdoor adventures and helps them excel through networking and media outreach.

With the expansion of The WOMA Board of Directors, an annual training event called “She Never Quit” was added in 2014. The experience introduced women to outdoor activities relating to shooting, hunting, fishing, and archery. She Never Quit has since evolved into a 501c3 charity foundation and holds an annual training and fundraising event—funds raised through sponsorships of She Never Quit support female veterans, first responders, and their families.


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