X Marks the Spot: S&W’s New Model 350 Revolver

Smith & Wesson's X-Frame is already legendary, but the 350 Legend chambering is adding new chapters.

by posted on August 16, 2022
Sw 350 1

Smith & Wesson’s iconic revolvers are offered in several size designations, including the small “J-Frame”; the full-size “K-Frame”; … and then there’s the “X-Frame,” which is very much the Papa Bear of the lineup. The X-Frame is a large, heavy, all-stainless-steel wheelgun designed to handle the biggest handgun (and some rifle!) calibers. Today, Smith & Wesson’s announcing an all-new X-Frame perfected for deer hunting: the Model 350, chambered in the exciting new 350 Legend.

The 350 Legend caliber is a straight-walled design that’s already garnered a reputation among serious shooters as a flat-shooting round, having demonstrated its value as a tackdriver for whitetail deer and other medium-sized game in NRA tests.

“I was one of six hunters able to participate in the cartridge’s initial field testing,” writes American Rifleman’s Kelly Young, “a November whitetail hunt in Pike County, Mo. Using 20"-barreled XPR Compacts, six deer were brought down in seven shots, that extra round being more an act of mercy than necessity. With shot distances ranging from 13 yds. to 200 yds., most of the animals crumpled up almost immediately, and none of them ventured more than 75 yds. before expiring.”

The Model 350 makes the best use of this straight-walled rifle caliber with its 7.5” ported barrel, red ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight system. The gun’s considerable weight—71.5 ozs. unloaded—helps absorb the recoil. It also includes a Hogue rubber grip to make shooting a bit more comfortable. The cylinder uses moon clips for rapid loading and unloading.

The Smith & Wesson Model 350 is, like all X-Frames, a double-action/single action revolver with a seven-round capacity. This powerful revolver can be by your side (spoiler alert: You will be open carrying it) in the backwoods for handgun hunting or just to be on the safe side in bear country.

The Model 350 is a lot of gun that’s crafted from top-quality steel, so (as you may expect), this is a bit of a splurge at $1,699, but you can expect generations of use from this hardy, reliable Legend of a revolver. For more, visit Smith-Wesson.com.


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