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Deering Twist Rate

Bullet Twist Rates Made Simple

Twist rates get complicated quickly. But what’s the bottom line you need to know?

4 Tips for Instructing Students Who Lack Confidence

The challenge of instructing an individual who lacks confidence can be difficult, but can be overcome by incorporating different teaching methods and learning tools.

Fixing Fundamentals: Grip—for any Firearm Platform

Hold on just a minute ... or more! Here's how to gain and maintain a proper grip on whichever firearm you're working.

5 Mistakes Firearms Instructors Should Avoid

Try these tips for what not to do if you are trying to put your best foot forward as a firearm instructor.

How to Make Chuckwagon Camp Cowboy Coffee 

Once you have your first cup of cowboy coffee like they were made in TV Westerns, you will be forever changed. Here are the secrets to the perfect cup.

Safe Gun Storage: Kid Proofing Your Guns

Learn more about the products and strategies available for preventing unauthorized access to firearms.


Kick Shotgun “Kick” to the Curb   

Proper form and understanding how to manage recoil can help you not just manage a shotgun, but enjoy it. 

4 Tools Firearm Instructors Shouldn't Be Without

One of the keys to great firearm instruction is the ability to adapt to each student. These tools can help.

5 Handgun Shooting Mistakes You Can Fix on Your Own Today

You don’t have to be a pro shooter to shoot like a champ—but advice from someone who shoots well can accelerate your learning curve and prevent you from building bad habits.

The Real Value in Evaluating Your Firearm Instructor

If an instructor is good, word spreads fast. If an instructor is not good, word spreads faster. Here's why your students' opinions matter.

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