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Deering Duck Splashdown

Dilemma: I Want to Hunt Ducks But I Don’t Have Permission to Hunt The X

“The X” is that magic place where ducks naturally want to be. If you can’t hunt it, how do you get on birds?

How to Prevent Common Shotgun Malfunctions

Every shotgunner will at some point experience a malfunction. Here's how to troubleshoot and even prevent some of them from happening.

How to Properly Reholster Your Handgun

Shooting is over, but that doesn’t mean you’re done thinking about safety. Here’s how you safely reholster your handgun.

What Makes a Safe Backstop in Your Home

Inside your home, what makes a safe backstop, and why do you need one?

Those Who Can—Teach!

You might be a great shooter and know a lot about firearms, but how equipped are you to pass along your knowledge? Here are five ways to get there.

How to Get Through an Anti-Gun Holiday Gathering

For some families, dinnertime squabbles about religion, money and politics are inevitable. Here's how to handle it when the topic turns to guns.

The Secret Sauce to Enjoying Shotgun Shooting

Has the enjoyment of shooting a shotgun eluded you? Here's how to get over it.

Deer Camp Lessons: Reading the Signs of Shot Placement

By watching the behavior of your deer, you can identify where the shot landed.

3 Rules to Keep Your Firearm Training Class Safe

Your class, your rules, right? Well, kind of! When you conduct an NRA Firearms Training course, a private lesson or any other type of firearm training, there will always be rules to follow.

5 Things To Do Today To Prepare Your Family for Emergencies

Here are some simple steps to engrain preparedness as a habit, which can help you be better positioned to deal with emergencies.

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