2 Things Your EDC Can Function Without

For new gun owners in particular, it's easy to get caught up in much of the advice offered by the more experienced. But what's really important—and what's not?

by posted on June 14, 2023
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Carrying a firearm for personal defense is a very personal choice. Some women making this choice out of concern for their safety, potentially after a scare, or due to inexperience with firearms. Thus it can be seem worthwhile to listen to and even believe all the recommendations offered by others. Some recommendations are valuable; others are less important—and can often give you unneeded worry and expense. With that in mind, let’s look at two things your everyday carry firearm can function without.

1. An Optic
EDC stands for every day carry. Choosing something simple that we will be able to use EVERY single day with as few interruptions and additional tasks will help ensure that we actually carry. 

A firearm intended for personal defense, with an optic, requires that we check that the optic works. It also requires practice and proficiency with it. Will most of today’s optics fail you? The odds are in your favor that your optic will work. But the main reason an optic is something your EDC can do without is that it requires the user to know how to use it under stress, in different light conditions, and without failing to find the dot when it matters. Sights, however, are always there, do not require batteries or testing, and pose less opportunity for user error.  

Is an optic or laser the right choice for some people? Absolutely. But I also know you can function without it. Lasers might be a better option for someone who has trouble finding a dot in the window of their optic. And lasers are easy to use in low light settings. But if your choices are to get a firearm that you will carry NOW versus some ultimate, dream set-up, I’d take the “now please” option.

2. “Bling”—of Any Sort
Does it matter if your EDC has metallic accents or pretty colors? Do your magazine base pads need to “make a statement” about you? No to all! A plain ol’ gun that YOU can handle and know how to use is much more important than any color or add-ons. 

Can things like magazine release extensions help? Yes, but they can also get in the way or be too oversized that they cause issues for concealed carry.

Magazine extensions that create more “purchase” or allow for better grip and more capacity (while still allowing concealment) are some of the only things I think are worth having for an EDC firearm.

What Should You “Add On”?
If you are shopping for concealed carry and you want to spend money on any item, spend it on a holster that fits you and that you know you will use. Spend money on training and practice. Spend money on quality ammo for your concealed carry.

Just don’t get talked into a bunch of fancy, expensive upgrades for your EDC gun if you really don’t need them. Minimalist gear and add-ons might actually be the best plan! And do not be afraid to both take in information and digest recommendations, but then go do your own research and decide if something is right for you. If you are a new firearm owner, don’t think you need everything all at once. Shop, test, try ... and then buy.


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