3 Items to Make a Cold-Weather Hunt 3X More Enjoyable

Don’t settle with stiff and chilly; invest in some creature comforts for late in the season.

by posted on January 29, 2021
Cold Weather Hunt Blind In Snow

Anyone who hunts knows all too well that very rarely is it 70 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. A more realistic forecast that hunters far and wide have come to find themselves in is cool, wet, windy or a combination of all three. No hunter enjoys sitting in a blind or being perched in a stand thinking only about how to warm fingers up enough to squeeze the trigger when the time is right. Fortunately, there are manufacturers who understand this struggle and have developed some creature comforts to make even the dreariest of hunts seem like you’re kicking back indoors watching your favorite sports team or movie. Just don’t get too comfortable and doze off!

Little Buddy Heater
First up is the Little Buddy heater from Mr. Heater. Although more commonly known for its larger units meant for garages and workshops, there are a number of great options for taking off the chill in a blind or tent. While the larger Hunting Buddy can heat up to 300 square feet, it was the Little Buddy that caught my eye. This heater is easily contained inside or strapped to your hunting pack.

I tested both options using my Bruiser Whitetail Day Pack from Allen Company. The Little Buddy heater runs off of a simple 1 lb. propane cylinder, which you can easily find at your local outdoors shop or big-box retailer for around $5. This unit is very quiet and compact, as it only takes up around 8" of space. An important safety feature is the built-in automatic shut off valve should the unit find itself tipped over. This feature worked quite well on my test unit … don't ask me how I know! The ability to heat a space of up to 95 square feet makes this an excellent choice for deer blinds, duck blinds or even tent camping. MSRP $99.99 MrHeater

Vanish 360 Swivel Hunting Chair
Two important factors when it comes to setting up a hunting blind are comfort and maneuverability. Time after time in the early morning hours, in an effort to get comfortable in the stiffening cold, I recall attempting to stretch while making as little noise as possible. Then typically, as soon as I seemed to gain a little comfort, that elusive whitetail presented itself from a direction from which I was unprepared, and I wasn't able to swing around due to a haphazardly placed stool with a seat three sizes too small. Enter stage right, the Vanish 360 Swivel Hunting Chair from Allen Company.

This chair solved any problem that had previously presented itself on the hunt. Folding down for ease of transport, the wide base on this chair ensures that you do not find yourself sinking into the ground like a traditional three-legged stool. Fully padded armrests, back and seat ensure you stay comfortable hour after hour. Also, let us not forget that this chair is silently able to rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing you to get sights on target faster and without causing a commotion. If you set up your blind ahead of the hunt, the Vanquish 360 Swivel Hunting Chair should be an essential item on your pack list. MSRP $69.99 Allen Company

Women’s Alphaburly Pro
There is nothing worse than feeling that when you finally take your boots off at the end of the day, you are going to find that your toes have frozen clean off your foot! Cold weather clothing should not stop at your ankles. Footwear is what supports it all, and the folks at Lacrosse know how to keep those little piggies toasty.

The Alphaburly Pro footwear is constructed from an insulated neoprene layer (optimal for sub-zero temperatures of -50 up to a balmy 40 degrees Fahrenheit) that is overlaid with high-end rubber, allowing for optimal flexibility when on the move, especially through swampy mud or ice-cold snow. These boots come up 15”, further protecting your lower half from the elements. Inside each pair you will find a jersey knit liner that wicks away moisture, ensuring you stay dry as can be.

As you can see, warmth and comfort are attainable in the field regardless of your budget. A comfortable hunt is a memorable hunt, and as such, you will keep coming back season after season to enjoy all mother nature has to offer. LaCrosseFootwear.com




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