4 Fashionable Ways to Carry Concealed in Summer

TWAW comes to the rescue with fashion tricks that fool the eye and allow you to enjoy summer fun without giving up your gun.

posted on May 30, 2023
Summertime Ccw Lede

If you carry concealed on a daily basis, you are probably more aware of the seasonal temperature changes, particularly as we migrate from cold to cool to warm to hot. Your summer wardrobe choices are reduced exponentially from winter carry, where parkas, jackets, sweaters and an array of other bulky clothing are natural disguises for on-body carry. Somehow you’ve managed in the past, though, making it through several months of less clothing and successful concealed carry. But we always seem to approach summer pondering, "now how exactly did I do this last year?"

Since the SCOTUS Bruen decision in summer of 2022, there are now many thousands of additional CCW permit holders, which means this might be their first full summer of adapting to a more challenging way of concealing their firearm on their body. While some women, maybe even you, will choose to purse carry, if you are intent on keeping your firearm on your person—do not get discouraged. You've got plenty of options..

We’ve turned to our friends at The Well Armed Woman (TWAW), who never disappoint when it comes to concealed-carry problem solving. After all, it’s what they do. This time, TWAW Founder Carrie Lightfoot has researched and collected some fabulous fashionable finds that make summertime carry a breeze. You can get more detail on what she suggests here. More good news: She didn't have to turn to expensive specialty CCW clothing for these solutions; she discovered all of these styles on Amazon (and includes the links on her site). And you can search for more on your own, following these four simple fashion tricks that fool the eye and allow you to enjoy some summer fun without giving up your gun.

Carrie acknowledges the most difficult thing about summer concealed-carry is trying to hide your gun behind a tank or light T-shirt. But if fitted shirts are you thing, it can be done! Her solution? Patterns! A busy pattern is a distraction from printing, which might occur with a solid color shirt.

Go With the Flow
Shirts that are flowy and hang loosely will hide more than the extra slice of chocolate birthday cake. That extra fabric also helps hide your gun, and the flowing fabric at the bottom can help keep you cool.

Embellish and Distract
You don’t have to be Houdini to create a convincing illusion. Fortunately, today’s styles lend themselves to disguise. As Carrie points out, you can wear one of these tops in any color or pattern because the waistline creates the distraction, causing ones eye to direct to the button, knots or crossover—and no one will be the wiser that you’re carrying.

Cover It Up
Wraps and cover-ups are also back en vogue, as is the shawl-style shirt. Offered in an array of colors, sleeve lengths and fabrics, they are probably the easiest solution to summertime CCW dilemmas. And although you can wear almost any shirt under one of these wraps, check out one of TWAW’s Under Arm Concealment tanks. That way your holster is built right into your shirt.

Find links to these fashion finds here, and while you’re there, check out all of the other great concealed-carry advice offered by The Well Armed Woman.


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