5 Reasons to Hunt with a Suppressor

The benefits to hunting suppressed are numerous. Here a few of the most logical reasons to add one to your gear lineup.

by posted on November 9, 2022
Bachman Hunt Suppressed

1. Save your Hearing. We only get one set of ears, and if you destroy your hearing there is no way to get it back. The key is prevention, and for shooters and hunters, one of the easiest ways to do so is by shooting suppressed. It’s so much more enjoyable, and especially when taking out new hunters and shooters. Typically they are nervous about two main things: the sound and the recoil. Fortunately, suppressors help reduce both. 

2. Less Recoil. Reducing recoil comes with many benefits, but people simply tend to shoot better when there is less recoil. A suppressor is an easy way to accomplish this. But if you’re afraid of having the extra weight on the end of your barrel, listen up. Silencer Central just released the new Banish Backcountry, a fixed-length suppressor that measures 5.5” and weighs a mere 7.8 oz. It’s constructed from titanium, and is an incredible option that works on calibers up to 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. I like to shoot a .300 Win. Mag, and the Banish Backcountry utilizes six baffles to drop this caliber’s decibel level down to 138dB, which is below the hearing-safe threshold. By comparison, this is a full 1.3” shorter and 2.2 ozs. lighter than the Banish 30 in its short configuration, so it’s perfect for the backcountry hunting, when every ounce I am carrying matters.

3. Sound Pollution. Practice and range time is less annoying to your neighbors when you shoot suppressed. Hunting and shooting is my family’s livelihood, so of course we put in a lot of range time. At the bench we shoot rifles, handguns, shotguns, ARs, and I can promise our neighbors appreciate the reduction in sound. If you shoot at a public range, those around you will also appreciate you having a suppressor.

4. Multiple Shots. There is no doubt that with a suppressor you get more shot opportunities on double and triples while coyote hunting. I can’t even count the number of times my husband and I have called in multiple coyotes. When using a suppressor, the chances to shoot them all are much higher, as the other coyotes often times have no clue what the noise was or where it came from. It also allows you to hunt heavily populated coyote areas and not have to switch spots after calling coyotes in and shooting them. You can continue with your calling sequence and continue to reap the benefits of a great location. This also works for deer hunting, as we took some kids out and all three boys were able to shoot their does from one location because they had a suppressor on their .243. We simply switched from one kid to the next on the gun and never moved, thanks to the quietness of the suppressed gun.

5. It's Just More Fun. When things are more fun, you’ll do it more often and become more proficient. I don’t know a single person who’s purchased a silencer and then said, "I enjoy shooting with that loud sound way more." It never happens. The sentiment is usually, “Why didn’t I do this earlier!?” Practice makes perfect, and anything you can do to get out there and shoot more is a win-win in my book.

Hunting with a suppressor has become more common, especially as hunters realize they are legal to hunt with in most states. Companies like Silencer Central make it easy, as they handle all the paperwork for you and guide you through a simplified buying process.

The only question left to ask yourself is, what are you waiting for?


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