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ICYMI: New Study on Women and Hunting & Shooting; Gabby Franco on Freedom; CCW Summer Clothes and more

by posted on June 12, 2023
Gabby Franco Frank Miniter

A Firsthand Account of How Freedom Can Be Taken Away
In this video, Gabby Franco tells the story about why, after representing her native country as a shooting competitor for Venezuela in the 2000 Olympics, she fled Venezuela for the United States in order to keep her freedom. Franco previously detailed her journey to keep her freedom in a feature in America’s 1st Freedom.

New Study Sheds Light on Women’s Participation in Hunting and Shooting
You see the trend everywhere. In hunter education classes, on the shooting range and in the field during hunting season—you see it in the clothing section of your favorite sporting goods store. There are more women participating in hunting and recreational shooting. Read more from our friends at NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum.

Red Dot Sights and Astigmatism
Conventional wisdom states that red dot sights do not work for people whose eyes have astigmatism. While there is some truth to it, the reality is always more nuanced. Read the full story from the latest issue of Shooting illustrated.

USPSA History: A Blast From The Past
The USPSA Historical Preservation Committee's Donna Webb seeks a reunion of the Originals and a Legends match. Find out some cool history about USPSA and how you can help with the documention from our friends at ShootingSportsUSA.

The First Deer Hunt: From Mentorship to Magazine
The next time a friend’s kid expresses some interest in our way of life, think about helping him or her take those first steps into the field. Read how an American Hunter editor experienced this act of kindness first hand, and is now living his dream.

Rising Shooting Stars: Dakota Wright
Sixteen-year-old Dakota Wright first touched a .22LR two years ago, and she shot her first match six days later. Now, she’s headed to Italy to represent the United States as part of the Ladies Precision Rifle Team.Read more from our friends at NRAFamily.org.

Demand For Firearm Training Fuels Range Expansions
New firearm owners—including many women—are not shy about bolstering their defenses with firearm instruction. In fact, they’re enrolling so frequently that waiting lists for classes are widespread, and some of the biggest facilities are expanding to meet that demand. Read more about this phenomenon from our friends at AmericanRifleman.org.

4 Fashionable Ways to Carry Concealed in Summer
And in case you missed it … The Well Armed Woman comes to the NRA Woman’s rescue with fashion tricks that fool the eye and allow you to enjoy summer fun without giving up your gun.


Sheds Jan 2024
Sheds Jan 2024

6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Whitetails

Did you know these quirky facts about America’s most-hunted big-game animal?


Staccato Announces Opening of Staccato Ranch

Looking for a little luxury while you train and celebrate your firearms freedom? The new Staccato Ranch is one of the largest and most extensive private gun clubs in America.


NRA Statement on Recent DOJ/ATF Final Rule

NRA is already working to use all means available to stop this unlawful rule.

The Armed Citizen® April 12, 2024

A woman was forced to protect herself after she was assaulted by the father of her children.

Spot a Spot: Hold Your Shot! 

Hunters should know how to identify these cats and their native ranges to avoid making any mistakes.

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