Davidson's Announces Exclusive Ruger LCP Max Elite

Davidson’s takes upgrading the LCP Max a couple of steps further by adding a red anodized aluminum trigger, which greatly increases shooter accuracy and feel in this micro platform.

by posted on December 16, 2022
Davidsons Ruger Max Elite Mainjpg

NRA Women recently posted “5 Ways the Ruger LCP Max Fixes Pocket Pistol Problems,” which outlines upgrades to the most recent version of Ruger’s wildly popular LCP. 

The LCP Max was introduced in the middle of 2021, boasting increased capacity while enjoying the same micro size as the LCP II. The LCP Max’s double-stack magazine feed lips were specifically optimized to reliably feed the wide variety of modern .380 Auto ammunition available. Could it get any better? Perhaps.

Davidson’s has introduced the LCP Max Elite, which stays true to the original platform, incorporating the tritium-outlined front sight, serrated dovetail rear sight, reversible mag release, and includes the mag loader and soft pocket holster.

However, Davidson’s takes it just a couple of steps further by adding a red anodized aluminum trigger that greatly increases shooter accuracy and feel in this micro platform.

In addition, rather than being offered as an accessory, the additional 12-round magazine is included with the LCP Max Elite from Davidson’s. The complete package includes a 10-round flush-fit magazine, a 12-round extended magazine, and the pinky-extension floorplate for use with the 10-round mag.

Sturm, Ruger Inc.
Ruger LCP Max Elite
Caliber: 380 Auto
2.80” Alloy Steel
Overall length:
10.6 oz
Front sight:
Tritium with White Outline
Rear sight:
Serrated drift adjustable
Red anodized aluminum
10-round magazine with optional pinky extension AND 12-round magazine included
Accessories included: Mag loader, pocket holster, safety lock

Davidson’s Exclusive Ruger LCP Max Elite (Item#13736) retails for $489.00 (shopping at a local Davidson’s Gallery of Guns dealer will likely yield a lesser price) and is in stock now available for immediate shipment.

For more information, visit davidsonsinc.com or go to the GalleryofGuns.com. blog.




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