Firearm Features: Finding Your Perfect Fit

There are many preliminary questions that should be answered before a new shooter can say “yes” to the right gun.

posted on December 15, 2022

When novice shooters accompany friends or family members to the range for the first time, they typically fire the guns available to them at that moment. Fit, form and function are not necessarily what’s on the new shooter’s mind. Those important considerations usually come later, when the decision is made to invest in his or own firearm, whether for recreational purposes or personal protection. It’s at that point that an array of questions should be asked and answered regarding which firearm is right for him or her.

Of course, the answer to those questions will be different for everyone. To help with this, champion pro shooter Julie Golob hosts this Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS video, “Firearm Features for Different Uses,” in which she walks through a series of considerations to help guide a new shooter in the search for the right gun. Some of these factors include discovering the ideal grip—size, angle and texture, for example—and why these are so important. Other dimensions such as profile, weight, length of pull (for long guns), barrel length and sight radius are also explained. Golob continues the discussion with a look at the various types of sights available, starting with iron sights, then progresses to the basics of scopes and other optics like red dots. Finally, Golob delves into one of the most important factors in choosing the right firearm: How easily can the controls be manipulated? Can the trigger and mag release be easily reached? What about racking the slide? And so much more!

There are many preliminary questions beyond these that should be asked and answered before a new shooter can say “yes” to the best gun for him or her. This expanded GUNSMARTS video is an ideal place to start that journey.

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