HOIST IV-Level Hydration Collaborates with Realtree for Blaze Orange Flavor 

The Blaze Orange bottle features Realtree’s newest pattern APX in its collaborative packaging design,

by posted on February 4, 2024
HOIST Blaze Orange Realtree 1

HOIST, one of the fastest growing hydration beverages in the U.S.—and loved by the participants of NRA Women’s 5th Annual Ladies Pistol Project—has unveiled its latest flavor–Blaze Orange. HOIST announces Blaze Orange in collaboration with outdoor giant Realtree. The Blaze Orange bottle features Realtree’s newest pattern APX in its collaborative packaging design, making Blaze Orange an essential element for any hunter’s next outdoor pursuit.

Blaze Orange is the newest bottled beverage to hit the HOIST roster of IV-Level hydration products and it contains the tested formula that HOIST fans have come to rely on for rapid-fire hydration. Wrapped in Realtee’s APX pattern, Blaze Orange is the first co-branded product launch in HOIST history and the latest outdoors industry collaboration to hit the market. 

"We’re thrilled to bring Blaze Orange to the market and are proud to collaborate with such a prominent force in the outdoors world," said HOIST's director of marketing, Taryn Lawson. “Between Realtree’s innovative camo design and the HOIST tried and true hydration formula, Blaze Orange is the perfect pairing that will elevate any outdoors experience."

Blaze Orange features the citrusy sweet HOIST original flavor Orange and the latest camouflage design from Realtree. It’s invigorating, restorative and built to blend into your surroundings, making Blaze Orange the must-have hydration beverage for your next outdoors adventure.

“We’re excited to be a part of this new HOIST product, and are proud to show off our cutting-edge APX camo through the eye-catching packaging of Blaze Orange,” said Tyler Jordan, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Digital Host at Realtree. “Our Realtree community lives for getting outdoors, and we believe it's important to stay hydrated in order to outlast any element that nature can bring to the table. We look forward to getting this product into the hands of hunters and collaborating more in the future.”

HOIST is dedicated to providing high-quality hydration across a range of refreshing bottled beverages, as well as replenishing powder sticks and pouches. The HOIST formula is packed with the sodium, calcium, and magnesium needed to retain fluids and stay hydrated in any active environment.

Blaze Orange
16 fl oz. bottle
Hydrates 110% better than water*
Features NEW Realtree APX pattern
Clinically proven to keep you hydrated longer than water*
No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or dyes
Three times the electrolytes and half the sugar of traditional sports drinks
Ideal for exercise, headache and muscle cramp relief, intense heat or sun or as an aid to wellness or recovery

For more, visit DrinkHoist.com.


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