How to Convince Your Husband to Let You Buy as Many Guns as You Want

Some guys just don't get it. ... 

by posted on July 31, 2020
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A few months ago, NRA's American Hunter published, “How to Convince Your Wife to Let You Buy as Many Guns as You Want.”  The author’s tongue-in-cheek invocation of the "men as hunters and women as gatherers" stereotype ruffled the feathers of a few in our ranks. What, little ‘ol me, shoot that big gun? Well, only if you show me how, once I put little Janie and Johnny to bed, and get the pot roast in the oven! But seriously, we at NRA Women are not that thin-skinned, and believe it's always best to swing high in response when tossed these softballs. After all, birthday or no birthday, if she's an NRA Woman, chances are she’s already purchased that new gun ... .

Husbands and Firearms
In my experience, I have found that some men are intimidated by strong, independent women. When you told your husband on the first date that you love the smell of gun oil in the morning and spend most of your free time expending your stash of ammo, he said “Oh, yeah. Me too!” Now he admonishes you after every new firearm purchase. Fear not—we can help.

Step 1: You must establish the fact that the new gun is not for him, it is for you. Maybe your man isn’t interested because he’s shirking the responsibility of owning another rifle. Let him know that you’ll be the one to clean it, oil it, buy the ammo, accessories, and safely store it! He won’t even have to shoot it. You can do it all by yourself.

Step 2: If your husband thinks you have plenty of rifles and another couldn’t possibly make you any happier, it’s time to prove him wrong. Maybe practice your glowing look of glee in the mirror before accidentally-on-purpose walking by the gun counter. He vowed to keep you happy until the end of your days, so how could he deprive your bright, smiling face of a Weatherby Vanguard Camilla?

Step 3: You’re in the store, holding the gun you know you’re walking out with, and it’s time to drop some cold hard facts on your hemming and hawing husband. Did he know that you already factored it into the budget? “Check your e-mail, babe. I sent you the spreadsheet.” Or, “It’s not like it won’t get used. The girls already have a hunting trip on the calendar for November.” Your logic-loving man will remain stunned and silent.

Better Halves and Hunting
Now that you’re the happy owner of a new bolt-action rifle, your social calendar will soon fill up with girls’ adventures into the hunting woods. So absence makes the heart grow fonder? If guns aren’t your guy’s thing, he probably won’t mind staying behind. With a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a box of granola bars in the other, you’ll be off on your merry way, caffeinated and stocked on snacks. (It might even be a good idea to leave a homemade lasagna in the freezer to remind him just how fantastic you are while you’re gone.)

This exchange of affectionate acts is the best way to leave on a trip. When my partner and I depart on an excursion together, we typically like to leave the house in tip-top condition so that a clean kitchen and fresh sheets are awaiting us upon our return. It’s not a bad idea to adopt this mentality before a solo journey either. Your partner might not be ecstatic to spend the weekend in an empty house, but at least it’s an orderly and sweet-smelling empty house.

All in all, no couple is the same. You don’t have to have the same interests and hobbies as your significant other to encourage and support each other in differing endeavors. Your husband isn’t less of a man because he prefers a daily shower to a weekend camping trip, just as a wife who prefers a relaxing day by the pool isn’t a stick-in-the-mud for dragging her feet to the hot and dusty range.



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