Hunt Like A Girl and Beretta Team Up in Support of NSSF’s Plus One Initiative

One lucky winner will get the chance to introduce someone new to hunting through guidance from an all-female Hunt Like A Girl and Beretta team.

by posted on March 1, 2023
Hunt Like A Girl Plus One Lede

Hunt Like A Girl, a brand of SLG2, Inc., which includes Shoot Like A Girl, Safe LivinG, Hunt Like A Girl and SLG2 Consulting, and Beretta USA have teamed up in support of NSSF’s Plus One movement for its annual guided Turkey Hunt at Midwest Whitetail Adventures in Clay Center, Kansas from April 21-25, 2023. One lucky winner will get the chance to introduce someone new to hunting through guidance from an all-female Hunt Like A Girl and Beretta team. 

One hunt can be all it takes to create a new hunter for life. NSSF’s Plus One movement strives to recruit the next generation of hunters and shooters and grow America’s hunting heritage. Join the Plus One Movement and invite a friend on your next hunt. The mission works to secure a strong future for generations of hunters and shooters to come.

“A major barrier for women wanting to participate in or learn about hunting is simply not having an opportunity to try it. We love introducing new hunters to the industry through our annual contests,” said Karen Butler, president and CEO of SLG2, Inc. “Thanks to the NSSF and its Plus One movement, we get to share and foster a new love for the outdoors alongside some amazing women in the industry. We invite and encourage new and experienced outdoorswomen and men to do their part and vote for this year’s Turkey Hunt Plus One.”   

Hunt Like A Girl and Beretta invite industry professionals, shooting and hunting enthusiasts and the general public to join the movement. From now until March 10, participants will get the chance to vote on videos submitted by previous Hunt Like A Girl winners, highlighting how past hunts have immensely impacted their lives and why their Plus One is the perfect contender for the hunt. 

Voting for the contest will be open to legal residents of the United States and District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older. Voting will take place online and is limited to one email address per day.

To learn more about SLG2, Inc. and Hunt Like A Girl’s mission, partners, resources and events, visit


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