Kalashnikov USA Shooter Alaina Hicks Takes High Lady Trophy at AK Masters

The AK Masters is a 10-stage run-and-gun style competition using both steel and paper targets at a variety of distances.

by posted on June 16, 2022
Alaina Hicks Lede
Image courtesy Facebook.com/KalashnikovUSA

Kalashnikov USA’s (KUSA)-sponsored shooter Alaina Hicks took the High Lady Trophy Overall at the second annual AK Masters Competition held June 10-12, 2022 at the Clinton House Plantation in South Carolina. Hicks placed 23rd in the Traditional 7.62x39 Open Division.

The AK Masters is a 10-stage (five stages on each day) run-and-gun style competition using both steel and paper targets at a variety of distances. “The heat and humidity on day two made it particularly challenging, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the shooters,” said Hicks. “Everyone, including the range staff, had a great attitude, and the Clinton House Plantation was a spectacular setting.” Hicks' gear setup included KUSA’s KR-103 7.62x39mm rifle with a Holosun 503G red dot optic (with the ACSS BDC reticle) and KUSA’s new polymer magazines. “The whole setup performed flawlessly, and the Wolf ammo did its part too. I’m also truly grateful to Kalashnikov-USA for their continued support,” said Hicks.

KUSA Communications Manager Caroline Davila said Hicks was originally scheduled to shoot at the USPSA 2 Gun National Championship in Colorado, but due to state magazine-size limitations on ammo capacity, they instead headed to South Carolina, where no such restrictions apply. “We had a blast, and she did really well with a fairly stock KR-103 and red dot,” said Davila.


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