New for 2022: CZ-USA's Next-Gen 712 Shotgun

This soft-shooting, budget-friendly scattergun won't let you down ... the birds and clays, on the other hand, will fall!

by posted on October 28, 2022
Cz Usa 712 G3

Shotguns are terrifically versatile tools, and semi-automatic shotguns may be the most versatile among them ... as well as the most comfortable to shoot. That said, a well-built gas-operated shotgun tends to come with a fairly steep price tag; the technology to create one that cycles reliably and is easy to clean doesn't come cheaply. CZ-USA's newest generation of the 712 auto-loader, the 12-gauge CZ 712 G3, is set to change that with trusted tech and an MSRP as low as $579.

Previous generations of the 712 are already big favorites among savvy shotgunners. The Generation 3 is built from the same platform as its older brothers, but with enhanced, performance-driven features and a unique solution that allows the gun to cycle both soft- and hard-hitting loads. It does this with two (included) pistons. Either piston accepts a wide range of shotshells within its designation. With the light piston installed, soft recoiling shotshells for target shooting can be cycled easily. With the heavy piston installed, the CZ 712 G3 can digest hard-kicking waterfowl loads.  

As we've noted before, when it comes to shotguns, success is all about fit and ergonomics ... and that's where the G's most attractive enhancements come in handy (and cheeky). The 712 G3's stock comes with a new, thicker recoil pad to soften the felt recoil of tough 12-gauge shells. It has a 1 3/8" drop at nose comb, and is 2 1/4 inches at the heel, so it comes to your cheek quickly. Its 7mm ventilated rib instantly aligns the eye to target.  

There's one other major factor that can affect your accuracy with a shotgun, and that's eye dominance. Many more women than men are cross-dominant (meaning that our dominant eye and dominant hand are on opposite sides). Furthermore, the usual pattern for cross-dominant shooters is to be left-eye dominant and right-handed. The G3 has a way to counteract cross-dominance in the form of an included stock-to-receiver shim system that lets you change cast to align with your left eye. No more missing just behind the target!

The 712 G3’s chrome-lined barrel holds up under extended firing and ensures consistent patterns through five furnished extra-long Active-Choke tubes. The CZ 712 G3’s receiver and barrel wear a handsome, durable matte black finish that minimizes glare. There's an oversize safety located in front of the trigger for instant access, as well as an oversize bolt release and a larger charging handle so you can handle the gun safely and easily while wearing gloves. The 712 G3 weighs approximately 6 ½ to 7 ¼ pounds, depending on stock material and barrel length.

There are three models of the CZ-USA 712 G3: a utility model with all-black furniture and a 20-inch barrel ($579); a walnut-stock version in your choice of 26" or 28" barrels ($579); and a a Terra camo version with a 28" barrel ($649).








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