New for 2023: Walther PDP Match Steel and PDP Match Polymer Models

NRA Women have responded enthusiastically to the Walther PDP lineup, and now there are two new reasons to be excited.

by posted on December 1, 2023
Walther PDP Steel Frame Match AND Polymer Match 5Inch Car

NRA Women have been fans of the Walther PDP since its 2021 introduction. In fact, the PDP earned an unprecedented back-to-back win in NRA Women’s Golden Bullseye Awards for Handgun of the Year in 2021 and 2022. Now Walther has announced two new versions of the pistol—a steel-frame PDP Match, designed to endure the harshest conditions during the demands of competitive shooting matches, and a polymer-frame duty model.

“The PDP Match Steel Frame is a game-changer,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development for Walther Arms, Inc. “With unwavering stability, shooters are able to have lightning-fast follow-up shots and laser-like accuracy,” he said. “Like its polymer counterpart, the versatile features combined with the steel frame, makes this an unparalleled performance-enhancing powerhouse.”

PDP Match Key Features:
Dynamic Performance Trigger: smooth and consistent, enhancing accuracy and shot placement;
Performance Duty Texture: The grip provides a secure, non-slip hold in any condition;
Optics Mounting: Customize your sighting system to optimize your aim and target acquisition;
Enhanced Magwell and Larger Magazine Capacity: The magwell and basepads streamline magazine changes, ensuring swift, reliable, and precise reloading. Two (2) 20-round capacity and one (1) 18-round capacity magazines are included.
Wrap-Around Grips: The ergonomic wrap-around grips provide a comfortable and secure hold;
Steel Frame: The weight of the frame significantly tames recoil.

Simultaneously, Walther has launched a polymer frame PDP Match into the 9 mm performance duty pistol product line. This model exemplifies power and durability for those focused on everyday use or competitive shooting. The pistol is equipped with a dynamic performance trigger, 18-round capacity magazine, 5-inch barrel, and a sleek, full-size polymer frame.

“Our goal is to consistently provide our consumers with dependable and durable handguns, which ultimately increases their confidence as they feel comfortable with their firearm, and they look good in the process,” said Krogh. “The PDP Match not only has sophisticated aesthetics, but it keeps shooters in the action longer with their time and attention focused on their target, not worrying about their performance. This is more than a firearm; it's a collection of power, precision, and perfection, promising unparalleled performance and redefining the standards of excellence in the world of handguns.”

Crafted with a balance of function and performance-based firepower, the PDP Match is the epitome of durability, endurance, and precision. The rust-resistant, full-size polymer frame is capable of withstanding high temperatures to support firing endurance and keeps the longevity of the firearm regardless of the elements it’s in. The larger capacity magazine, along with an aluminum mag well and basepads, not only exudes style but brings efficiency to magazine changes. Add in the tenifer coated slide adorned with strategic slide cuts, and the result is a handgun that is lightweight and sophisticated.

PDP Match Polymer Key Features:
Dynamic Performance Trigger: Offers control and responsiveness when firing in any situation;
Aluminum Magwell and 18-round Capacity: Optimized handling for seamless transitions and enhanced reload speed to keep shooters in the action.
Performance Duty Texture: Offering a secure and comfortable grip, regardless of the elements or challenging conditions.
Optics Ready: Seamlessly integrate a preferred optic for enhanced accuracy and target acquisition adapts to your needs easily.
Polymer Frame: For those who prefer an everyday carry handgun style and aesthetic appeal.

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