New for 2023: Weatherby Model 307 Series Rifle

The introduction marks the 78-year-old gunmaker's first new center-fire rifle action in more than 50 years.

by posted on June 2, 2023
Weatherby 307 Lede

For the first time in more than 50 years, Weatherby has introduced a new center-fire rifle action, the Model 307Designed to complement the historic Mark V and Vanguard lineups, the Model 307 is a 2-Lug, fully cylindrical action compatible with many aftermarket accessories. It features a fluted bolt with a tool-less disassembly, TriggerTech trigger, and a detachable magazine, to name a few. The goal of 307 was to design an action that could accommodate the vast offerings of stocks, triggers, rails, mounts, and magazines in today’s marketplace. All rifles with Model 307 actions will be built in Weatherby’s Sheridan, Wyoming, headquarters, so shooters and hunters can expect the same precision craftsmanship that Weatherby has delivered since 1945. Watch this video to learn more about how and why Weatherby chose to introduce this new design.

Model 307 Builders Action 
The Model 307 action is available in short and long actions and will have standard and magnum bolt-face options. The tool-less takedown bolt has a M16 extractor for smooth and reliable cycling and is spiral fluted to save weight. The cylindrical design will accommodate Stiller/Savage scope mounts and are threaded for 8-40 screws. The bolt release button is located high on the receiver to make sure its 700-style footprint can accommodate a wide range of aftermarket stocks and triggers. The Builder’s Action is finished with a durable Graphite Black Cerakote. MSRP starts at $749

Model 307 Range XP 
The Range XP features a lightweight, vertical grip stock that includes an adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable length of pull providing a custom fit for the shooter. Touch points are textured for a non-slip grip and dual front swivel studs allow for multiple accessories to be attached. The Range XP comes standard with an adjustable TriggerTech trigger and is equipped with a Magpul removable magazine. The spiral fluted barrel is threaded and comes with a recoil reducing Accubrake. The Range XP is finished with a durable Graphite Black Cerakote. MSRP starts at $1,199

Model 307 Alpine MDT 
The Alpine MDT sits on MDT’s lightweight HNT26 Chassis System, which is their first purpose-built hunting rifle chassis. This stock provides all of the benefits one expects from a chassis system such as v-block bedding, adjustable length of pull, adjustable comb, and AICS magazine compatibility. The chassis is constructed of a magnesium alloy, carbon fiber forend, carbon fiber pistol grip, and carbon fiber buttstock. The forend has an integral ARCA rail for easy attachment to a tripod and a foldable buttstock for compact storage. The Alpine MDT comes standard with externally adjustable TriggerTech field trigger and PEAK 44 picatinny rail. The spiral fluted barrel is threaded and comes with a recoil reducing Accubrake. The Alpine MDT is finished with a durable Graphite Black Cerakote. MSRP starts at $2,999

“As you look back at our long history, each new rifle came with a purpose. My grandfather released the Mark V in 1958 and it quickly became known as the strongest action in the world. The purpose was simple and clear. He wanted to develop an action that could house his high powered magnum cartridges with a set of unique and distinct features. As the years went by, it was evident there were many hunters and shooters who wanted to own a Weatherby but simply could not afford the Mark V. So, in 1971 the Vanguard was released with the purpose of providing the quality that people would expect of Weatherby while remaining affordable for a wide array of sportsman. While these two actions have been widely accepted over the years and used with great success, the purpose in the design of the Model 307 is a new and different one for Weatherby. With more accessories available for a 700 platform than any other bolt action rifle in the world, the goal for our third action was to come up with a design that could accommodate the vast offerings of stocks, triggers, rails, mounts, magazines, etc… that exist in the marketplace. While keeping the importance of compatibility in mind, we also committed ourselves to keeping this “made in the USA” rifle with a feature set and price that rivals anything out there all while keeping the quality our customers would expect from a Weatherby.” —Adam Weatherby

Model 307 will be chambered in many of Weatherby’s historic magnum cartridges as well as some of the most popular cartridges on the market today.

243 WIN
6.5 CMR
308 WIN
240 WBYS
257 WBY
6.5-300 WBY
270 WBY
300 WIN
300 PRC
300 WBY

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